Angelina Jolie Is Moving Out: There Goes The Neighborhood

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

How many apartments do you have? It is always interesting when someone moves in or out. Sort of a watershed moment in time occurs, and we New Yorkers often wonder if it is time to jump out of a leaking boat or be proud they are at the greatest party in the world. Which one are you?

As for Angelina Jolie, she is leaving (at least for the time being), after only having owned her 55 Central Park West apartment for less than a year. She just sold it for $2.7m after only three weeks on the market. Madonna still lives in the building, but Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and David Geffen lived there and moved out previously. No one in my building ever leaves. Rent stabilization does that to people. (via Curbed) MGR