Another Monday in the Nursery!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It is officially autumn, and while we cannot believe how fast the summer went, we are looking forward to everything that autumn has to offer, including a little color inspiration as we watch the leaves start to change. We are starting to look ahead to October, and pumpkins, and Hallowe’en, and stealing the kids Hallowe’en candy after they go to bed.

As always, the best part about our community is … you.

Got a great nursery to share? We are always on the lookout for great spaces to showcase, so please let us know, either via email or by tagging your Flickr photos with the tag apartmenttherapynursery so we can find you. And just so you know, those photos don’t have to just be pictures of your nursery (or toddler’s room, or teen’s room) – we also love to see how you are successfully integrating kids into the rest of your house.

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