AT: San Francisco Rocks the Bay Area!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear Readers,

Today we are taking the covers off of our fifth home design blog: and invite you to take a look (note: it is still early there!).

(Note: our San Fran URL is without the www.)

AT: SF is edited by Lisa Brand (formerly of Yoga Journal) and assisted by Leslie Webster who has been an avid reader since we launched in NY two years ago.

AT:San Francisco will dig deep into the Bay Area design culture and work to become a community hub by serving up a daily mix of store reviews, products and inspiration. As with all of our sites, AT: San Francisco’s mission is to help people make their homes beautiful, organized and healthy.

For those of you who are nervous about upcoming editions of AT: Nome Alaska and AT: Key West (;-)), we are going to be taking a rest for a little while, tighten up our quality and work on our comments system and store (finally!). As with everything we do here, this is a total experiment and reader directed. If it’s not useful and beautiful, we won’t do it. Thank you for all your support!