Another Reason to Keep on Bikin’

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Whether you’re for it or against it, the $700 billion bailout bill was signed into law. And believe it or not, there’s something in the bill that makes us glad that we use our bike for transportation — Sec. 211, titled “Transportation fringe benefit to bicycle commuters.”

posted originally from: AT:San Francisco

Plainly speaking, it says that bike commuters, over a calendar year, can receive $20 a month tax-free from their employers to use for purchasing a new bike, repairs, or improvements. Altogether, that only adds up to $240 a year, but hey, that $240 we didn’t have to spend on bike stuff before.

Of course, as with any law, there are restrictions and fine print, but we’re glad to hear about something that promotes healthy living, and maybe will get more people to bring out those dusty bikes from out of the garage and out onto the streets. Bike on!