Excuse-Busting Answers For Why You Don't Use Your Outdoor Area

Excuse-Busting Answers For Why You Don't Use Your Outdoor Area

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 18, 2015

Feel like you have a real, legitimate reason why you don't use your outdoor area? Perhaps you do, but maybe what you really have are some excuses that, with a little bit of work, you can blast through so you can enjoy your outdoor area. We're tackling some common excuses as to why your outdoor area might not get much action...and what you can do to get a little more enjoyment out of it!

You think it's too small

Even the smallest of outdoor spaces can be worked with to squeeze a little bit of enjoyment out of, even if it's just making a little room to grow plants in while you sit in a chair inside looking out. Consider our advice for small outdoor spaces and get inspiration from folks who have made outdoor spaces work:

It's not comfortable

Lean toward comfortable furniture when you're choosing items to sit and perch on in your outdoor area. Don't have the kind of area where you can fit very comfy furniture in or leave stuff out because of weather or a shared space? Invest in some comfy cushions you can tote in and out when you want to sink into your outdoor area for some enjoyable time.

There are too many bugs

A good cleaning of your outdoor area (actually, regular cleanings) can help keep bugs from moving in (or at least making too comfortable of a home). You can use DIY bug sprays when you're outside. Some folks also swear by a simple method for keeping bugs at bay...a fan! If you've got the room and an electrical outlet, bring a fan in to help blow the bugs away.

There's nothing to do

How do you like to spend time outdoors? Read? Garden? Sip mojitos? Play board games? Well, do you make it easy for you to do those things in your outdoor space? Or have a sort of travel tray of items you can move easily when you do want to hang outside? If you don't have any particularly great views for people or wildlife watching (consider making your outdoor area a little more friendlier to wildlife, too!), bring in elements to your outdoor area that can give you something to do so you don't just walk outside, putter around a little bit and then walk back inside.

You literally don't have one

Why not make the world your outdoor space! No, seriously. Pack a picnic, take the party to your favorite park, go for a bike ride, do a walk around your neighborhood...even just open your windows wide if the weather permits. Consider working on upgrading the view from your home's windows if you really don't have an outdoor place to hang out in so that you can enjoy some greenery while sitting inside.

What are your excuses for not using your outdoor space...and how do you overcome them?

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