The New Clare V. x Anthropologie Collection Has a Nap Blanket and We Need It

published Mar 9, 2020
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Credit: Anthropologie

With spring comes the distant yet fast-approaching thoughts of summer: warmer weather, lighter clothes, and hopefully a beach vacation. Anthropologie and Clare V. teamed up to bring those summertime vibes via their new collection that’s filled with bold colors and graphic prints.

The retail mogul teamed up with fashion designer Clare Vivier of Clare V. to bring the exclusive collection to life, filled with everything from lounge chairs to throw pillows to nap blankets that cover both indoor and outdoor spaces. Vivier took memories from family vacations to Île de Ré, France and created the beach-inspired line that shines through the warm palette and playful patterns. 

“My trips there each summer with my family are a constant source of inspiration, scouring the flea markets, riding my bike along the shore, and stumbling upon old architecture with the turn of every corner,” Vivier said in a press release. “We spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer in Île de Ré, so we included the beach towels, chairs, and umbrellas.”

The dessert plates, for example, mix modern design with classic porcelain to create a hybrid that makes it uniquely Vivier’s, among many other pieces within the collection. See for yourself with our favorites that we pulled below that you can shop right now—and don’t be surprised if a ticket to France follows. 

Credit: Anthropologie

Carreaux Webbed Chair

Woven polyester straps fill out this chair‘s natural oak frame, adding unique design and texture. Since each piece is handmade, you can expect slight variation in every chair, which truly makes it one of a kind. In addition to navy blue, it also comes in red.

Buy: Carreaux Webbed Chair, $698

Credit: Anthropologie

Maisonette Dessert Plates

Like mentioned above, these maisionette dessert plates combine modern design with classic French porcelain. Each plate is sold separately and ranges from cheeky sayings—from “Souvenir de la Fete” (Remember the Party) to a simple “Oui”—to an illustration of red lips.

Buy: Maisonette Dessert Plates, $18 each

Credit: Anthropologie

Maisonette Tray

A great catchall for miscellaneous items, this decorative tray reflects a contemporary-meets-traditional style. The shape and pastel color pays tribute to a more traditional look, but the “Le Freak C’est Chic” saying and pop of color pulls in a playful vibe.

Buy: Maisonette Tray, $22

Credit: Anthropologie

Maisonette Glass Candle

Any time there’s an opportunity to plug a beautiful candle—like these ones inspired by the landscapes of France—we take advantage. Pick between La Mer (the sea), La Champagne (the countryside), or Les Bois (the woods), all three of which are in colorful glass jars.

Buy: Maisonette Glass Candle, $28 each

Credit: Anthropologie

Sieste Throw Blanket

Do as the throw says and sieste (translation: nap)! Covered in a black and white design, this blanket is reversible and flips its black-and-white sequence while maintaining its contemporary aesthetic.

Buy: Sieste Throw Blanket, $98

Credit: Anthropologie

Maisonette Jute Pillow

Once again, Clare V. is coming in strong with the quotes. These textured jute pillows are hand-embroidered with short and sweet French words, like “bisous” (kiss) and “j’aime la vie” (I love life).

Buy: Maisonette Jute Pillow, $58-$78 each

Credit: Anthropologie

Beach Sling Chair

Essential for a beach trip, this lounge chair isn’t your standard model (if the unique print didn’t give it away). Equipped with a sling seat and sturdy teak frame, the patterned chair comes in black or pink and has a functional-meets-stylish design.

Buy: Beach Sling Chair, $198