6 Style Lessons I Learned from the Fall Anthropologie Home Catalog

updated May 3, 2019
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Somewhere along the lines of decorating my first real apartment, I started fangirling pretty hard for Anthropologie—stalking their in-store home sale section on the reg and bemoaning the $149 flat-rate fee of furniture delivery, which they plaster all over the place as if it’s a good deal. Maybe if you’re in the business of buying $5,000 beds. But that fee has stopped me from pulling the trigger on so many sale tables, lamps, and chairs over the years just on principle. Shipping should never be half the price of a stool, Anthro!

All that aside, I swear I’m just like Billy Madison on “Nudie Magazine Day” when the Anthro Home catalog drops each season. It’s just so well-done and visually inspiring. Plus, I feel like the pages actually offer tips and trend information—not just house porn. So I got my hands on an advance copy and thought I’d bring you the cliffs notes version here, so you know what the new-new is before it’s officially fall.

1. Gallery Walls are Taking New Shapes

First off, glad we’re still seeing gallery walls because I put a lot of nails in my own apartment walls hanging pictures. Obviously, it’s your home and you should decide how you want to decorate it regardless of what’s in Anthro’s catalog or elsewhere. But I’m pretty used to seeing the gallery wall with the one oversized anchor piece of artwork surrounded by smaller accents that radiate out horizontally. But Anthro got rid of the anchor and instead used a bunch of similarly-sized smaller frames and arranged them into an inverted pyramid shape over their gorgeous Atelier Sofa. It’s quirky, interesting to the eye because of the lack of a single piece as a focal point, and I like it.

2. Upholstery Has Gone Global, Even on Mid-Century Silhouettes

Yes, there are tons of the typical Anthro plush velvet chairs throughout the catalog in all shapes and sizes. But I was drawn to the Danish-inspired Haverhill Chair, which is now available in a Peruvian blanket stripe fabric (but not online just yet, unfortunately). But the insta-famous Rhys chair is, and it too got a Peruvian blanket makeover. I love a good style mashup! So chic and collected.

3. In With the Inlay

Mother of pearl, shell, and bone inlay furniture was pretty popular a little while ago, then sort of disappeared after being in every magazine editorial for a solid year. Well, if the Anthro catalog is any indicator, this ancient art of furniture embellishment is back. And this time around, it’s way more nuanced, in super chic tone-on-tone star and black-and-white optical stripe patterns, as seen on the Optical Inlay Desk, above.

4. Chartreuse and Peacock Blue are Having a Moment

Fall is always a jewel tone’s time to shine! If last year belonged to ultraviolet and emerald, this year it’s all about chartreuse (that bed frame!) and peacock teal on furniture, floor coverings, wallpaper, and textiles.

5. Florals and Solids are Having Furniture Babies

And this Brighton Chair is what it looks like! You can choose from three different floral and solid color combos for this seat, and Anthro also now has their Pied-A-Terre Sofa available in a similar combo as well. Makes me think we can all start getting pretty creative with our DIY upholstery attempts and still nail this whimsical, “Alice In Wonderland” vibe.

6. Macrame Lights are Now a Thing

Maybe they always were on Etsy. And they seem a little fire hazard-y TBH. But macrame has worked its way up from floor coverings, wall hangings and plant holders to the ceiling. And Anthro has you covered with this pendant.

Apparently, this is Anthro’s biggest home collection to date, so go get after it! Shop and get inspired here.