Anthropologie’s Animal Themed Boho Christmas

When I posted a sneak peek of Pottery Barn’s new holiday line yesterday there were some yawning commenters who said, “Yeah, seen it before,” and I have to admit that it really was a lot of the same-old-same-old. But I can’t say that about Anthropologie’s holiday catalog — it’s definitely a departure into a creepy but cool bohemian rhapsody.

It’s the catalog stylist who’s the real genius here. The photo shoot includes weird Alice in Wonderland style cardboard cutouts, a live turtle stacked with bracelets on its back, an angry fox perched on top of a plaid chair, and a general sense of weirdness that makes one ask, ‘What holiday is this, anyway? ‘.

The products themselves are a little tamer — you’ll find matryoshka ornaments and patchwork Merry Christmas garlands in the mix, but there are also feathered trees and decapitated reindeer… just in case your decorating theme this year is “A Very Creepy Christmas.”

To see the full Anthropologie 2010 Holiday Collection, click here.

Anthropologie 2010 Holiday Decor
Repurposed Reindeer, $68
Downy Feather Mini Tree, $18
Teeming Forest Tree Topper, $498
Matryoshka Ornaments, $18
Merry Christmas Garland, $128
Wild Woodland Vases, $18 – $28
Lunet Chair (Plaid), $1,698
Enchanted Buck Measuring Cups, $48