Antics Ant Blocks: Blocks, Bugs and Building

Antics Ant Blocks: Blocks, Bugs and Building

Beth Callaghan
Mar 5, 2012

Well, I wanted to add "patterns," too, but it just didn't have the proper alliteration.

These "buggy" blocks will fulfill your child's desire to build, but you can also design fun patterns and trails. And maybe learn a little about those pesky Formicidae, too.

The Antic blocks come in packages of 16, and each of those blocks has a different pattern of marching ants on every side. They've even included the Ant Queen (Queen Ant?) with her eggs and a spider, which is apparently the ant's nemesis. Suddenly, your simple blocks have taken on the archtypical battle of good vs. evil.

By rearranging the blocks in patterns, kids can create intricate, 3D paths for their "colony," try to protect their queen, or mix things up in an epic battle with the spider. Or, you know, just build a tower.

We think the ant blocks are a great choice since they provide multiple modes of play in one relatively compact toy.

And, a final note: did you know that ants are the only group apart from mammals in which interactive teaching has been observed? True fact. According to Wikipedia.

(Image: Uncle Goose; via BLTD)

More Info: Uncle Goose

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