Reduce the Squint: Anti-Glare Solutions for Glossy Screens

Reduce the Squint: Anti-Glare Solutions for Glossy Screens

Gregory Han
May 3, 2011

050311antiglare.jpgWe were excited to awake this morning to refreshed iMac specs, with the hopes one of these updated machines will eventually be our next workhorse. But amongst the tempting upgrades, including Thunderbolt ports, faster graphic cards, Core i7 processors and all the other delicious specifications, there was one notable "glaring" omission in our eyes: no option for a matte screen...

Our 2008 MacBook Pro, which we're working on right now, came equipped with the then controversial glossy screen option. We've learned to live with, but never love it. And while the glossy screen is fantastic in ideal conditions, with a deep and rich image, it's not a favourite while working at home because of the ambient and direct lighting that spills throughout our apartment and into the home office (you can actually see the glare hitting the matte external monitor in the first photo of the tour). Our solution was to angle the MacBook Pro into a corner while connecting it to a humble looking, but glare-free, Dell 23" screen.

But with our laptop starting to feel long in the tooth and a desire for faster performance while working in Photoshop, Aperture and Final Cut Pro, the scheduled iMac upgrade was marked as our next machine and we need to begin planning how to control the glare of a 27" screen when opportunity (and bank account) allows.

RadTech's ClearCal AG (anti-glare) is an aftermarket solution, which requires a careful application of a removable 5mm "blemish-healing siliconized adhesive", cutting glare to a much more manageable level. Between $19.95-$39.95 depending on screen size, this seems like the best bet for an affordable, albeit tricky, solution for glossy screen owners looking to reduce the eye squinting.

We've applied similar aftermarket screen protectors and remembered even at smaller iPhone/iPad sizes, they can be an extreme test in patience due to environmental dust and less than steady hands (not to mention the threat of sweat dropping onto the screen during the process). But the video up above shows a notable trick with scotch tape in hand we will definitely try the next time we're adding film onto a screen.

050311MXFilmOniMacCompare02S.jpgScreen film manufacturer, Photodon, offers a similar LCD Protective application for laptops and monitors, though the price is significantly more for a 27" iMac kit. The company notes, "We do not recommend anti-glare film for this screen, it causes too much pixeling", which may hint 27" iMac users may have to trade one eyesore for another.

(Image used: Flickr member missrainslicensed for use under Creative Commons)

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