Antiquing & Thrifting: My Favorite Sport

Antiquing & Thrifting: My Favorite Sport

Kristen Lubbe
Sep 14, 2010

I have been antiquing and thrifting since I was in high school. Whenever I was bored on the weekend or didn't have lacrosse practice after school, I'd be sure to rush over to the several thrift stores that were always jackpots. The items I look for have changed somewhat, but the rush of walking through the door and knowing that the possibilities are endless hasn't faded one bit.

No matter how many years you've spent antiquing and thrifiting — it really is a rush. It's almost like a sport: you plan ahead, you walk through the door knowing that you're going to find something amazing, and when you lay your eyes on something (even if you can't really see the whole thing) you will do anything in your power to get your hands on it (even if you ultimately end up putting it back on the shelf).

We've all got our own game plans and we've certainly all got our agendas and typically stick with them (unless trying out a new store, of course). I always knew which store I wanted to hit first and which one I was going to hit last. I always went to the best store first because I felt that it was always good to start the game off on a good note and then I would continue to trickle down the list. Sometimes I'd be really surprised with the last store (which happened to be a few blocks from my parents house), but I never deterred from the game plan.

Call me crazy, but I know there are others out there. As I've grown up and moved to different cities the game never dulls and the thrill is always the same and just as invigorating.

Is antiquing and thrifting your favorite sport?

Images: Flickr User Carol Browne, licensed for use under Creative Commons, Kristen Lubbe

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