Anxiety-Free NYC Recycling: The Dos and Don’ts

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you live in New York and you’re thinking about recycling that plastic tofu container or takeout box, think again. Did you know that only plastic bottles are recyclable in the city? It can get a little confusing knowing what to recycle or not, so jump below for a quick rundown…

1. Plastic bottles only. If you wouldn’t call it a bottle, it doesn’t get recycled. Yogurt containers, restaurant delivery containers and plastic cups do not make the cut. Plastic shopping bags technically don’t go with the plastic recycling, but they’ll get sorted out along the way.

2. Recycle anything more than 50% metal. And it’s okay to leave the labels on as they burn away when the metal is smelted.

3. Glass bottles and jars only.

4. Milk and juice cartons go in the bin with the plastic, glass and metal.

5. Recycle any and all paper, staples and all. They’ll get sorted out later.

Check out NYC’s Department of Sanitation for more recycling guidelines.

Image via Flickr member Doonvas licensed under Creative Commons.