Apartment Therapy Multi City Blogger Search

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Calling all potential bloggers! Apartment Therapy is looking to add some new voices (and maybe a few new cities) to our coverage. Do you love interior design, furniture and all things home-related? Would you like a place to share your ideas and inspirations with a large design-centric community? If this is you and you think you’d like to join the Apartment Therapy editorial team, jump below for the details:

This is a part-time, paid, freelance position and it’s great (but not required) if your other work plugs you in to the design scene in some way.

• excellent camera skills and a good eye for stellar images
• a strong style sense
• blog-style writing skills
• a reliable computer
• a reliable high speed internet connection
• a good quality digital camera
• Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
• knowledge of how to use all these things

End of Day, Sunday, August 1 (earlier is always appreciated!)

The application form asks for the following information:
• Your name and contact information
• Your location
• How long you’ve been reading Apartment Therapy and what you do full time
• Resume or CV

The form will also ask for 3 specific sample posts with text and pictures:
• House Call
• Local Trend Report
• Column Idea

We want to be WOWED with your unique voice and awesome pictures! Please submit posts written specifically for Apartment Therapy and not for another blog. Look to the Apartment Therapy archives for the general style and format of posts for submission.

For some general examples of the first two sample post styles, check out these past posts:

• Tile Expert/Market Editor
• Paint Expert/Market Editor
• Urban Gardening /Flowers & Plants
• Design/Interior Book Reviews
• Kitchen Renovation
• Bathroom Renovation
• Before & After Project Expert
• Textile/Upholstery Expert/Market Editor
• Wow us with your own idea!

End of Day, Sunday, August 1 (earlier is always appreciated!)

We will confirm the receipt of your submission, and then review your submissions.

Any questions? Write to us.