Apartment Therapy on Small Vacations

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If there is such thing as a small apartment, there must also be such thing as a small vacation, the kind of vacation that is cheaper and smaller than most others, but just as sweet.

While many people take a week or two off and head south to Florida or the Caribbean at this time of year, a friend of mine used to take his girlfriend (now wife) to Paris each Valentine’s Day weekend for a little romantic getaway. Missing only one day of work, they would slip away from the city unnoticed, board a plane in the evening and wake up in Paris, where they would walk and talk all weekend, eating great meals and napping liberally.

On Monday morning they would slip back into the office without anyone knowing, a little tired perhaps, but smiling with memory and the experience of their rendevous among the crooked old streets of Paris. They kept up this tradition for ten years and only recently stopped with the arrival of their second child, but the stories they tell of this special little holiday remain intact.

Tonight we are going to try the same thing. We bought tickets and booked a room for the weekend months ago (From January to the end of March flights are bargain basement cheap and the city is lively, but empty of tourists) and are leaving tonight on the red-eye for Paris, returning Sunday. While Jill takes over the controls, we are going to take pictures of cool decor, scrumptious dishes and celebrate our birthday as well. We’ll be back on Monday, a little tired perhaps, but energized by this small vacation and excited for the spring.

Do you have a favorite small vacation? If so, tell us…