Apartment Therapy on: Bees & Bankers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We tend to see everything as connected. So when we picked up the paper earlier this week and saw these two articles on the front page, it got us thinking.

In our book we wrote a lot about the concept of “flow” and how it affects your physical and emotional experience of your home. These two articles spoke to us of separate flows that share the distinction of being out of balance at the same time.

The bee population sits within the careful design of the natural ecosystems. When healthy, they provide a tremendous service to our food chain. They are responsible for the honey on your toast as well as for the fruit in the basket in your kitchen. Recently, something has shifted causing them to die off in great numbers. A large population has become small…

The financiers sit within the careful (though often freewheeling) design of our financial system. When healthy, they provide a tremendous service to our markets. They are responsible for efficient markets, the funding of companies (large and small), and for increasingly global relationships. Recently, something has shifted causing an incredibly high concentration of capital to move into the hands of very few people. A large amount has come to be held by a small pool.

The changes in the bee population at least affect the availability and price of food, while the changes in the hedge fund market at least change the real estate market in NYC (prices go up), and both of these impact our homes.

If you read An Inconvenient Truth, you come away with the inescapable notion that it is the overall design of our earth that has slowly shifted out of balance and that restoring it is key. When the seas heat up, the polar ice caps melt, and the sea rises leading to flooding on Long Island (and all around the world). It’s all connected.

Once you start to look at things this way, it becomes a habit and you have begun to think like a designer. Then you can start to think about design solutions.

Not that we have a solution to help the bees or think that the hedge fund managers have too much money, but we are thinking about it. And we have a sneaking suspicion that they might be connected.

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