Apartment Therapy Editors Share the Thing They Love Most About Their Home

Apartment Therapy Editors Share the Thing They Love Most About Their Home

Nancy Mitchell
Feb 23, 2016
Adrienne's Living Room
(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

We talk a lot here about decorating, but sometimes the thing you love most about your home doesn't have anything to do with the stuff inside it. I quizzed our Apartment Therapy editors — the people who make the magic here happen — about the thing they love most about their home, and got some very interesting (and very different!) results.

Adrienne Breaux, House Tour Editor:

All the bright light! I've lived in really dark apartments before moving into this one, and the first thing that grabbed me about this place was how bright and cheery it was thanks to the big windows. Even on a gray, rainy day it stays pretty bright in here. Angus my cat is also a big fan of all the pools of sunshine that are created each sunny day, moving from one pool to the next for his daily naps.

Editor's note: I have not been to Adrienne's apartment, but I am still pretty sure that my favorite thing about her home is Angus.

Dabney Frake, Projects Editor:

In the winter, my favorite thing in my home is the wood stove. I get up in the morning, light a fire, and sit right next to it while I eat breakfast and read for a little while. I'll even work there for awhile until I get a little too warm and have to move elsewhere.

Tara Bellucci, Social Media Manager:

My favorite thing is that I've filled it with so much color. From art to painting projects to most of my furniture, nearly everything is a bright, happy, smile-inducing hue (balanced with white and woods, of course). Life is too short for beige.

Nora Taylor, Editorial Coordinator:

My fave thing about my home is my neighborhood! I'm new to New York and while my apartment is very, um, First-New-York-Apartmenty, the location where Park Slope meets Gowanus has proven to be the perfect landing pad. It's adorable and has everything I need in walking distance. And by everything I need I mean a trendy pie store, enough coffee shops to keep my work-from-home routine varied and interesting, and a store that sells stained glass Super Hero art.

Taryn's Home Office
(Image credit: Taryn Williford)

Taryn Williford, Senior Writer:

Right now, my favorite place in my apartment is our home office. Those IKEA shelves were the most recent project we tackled, so the glow of looking at them hasn't worn off just yet. And I love all of the personal touches I surround myself with while I work, like the painting from my talented brother Emmet, who's an art student.

Carrie McBride, Managing Editor:

I recently moved into a new apartment and we are excited to have lots of natural light. The building is on a corner lot so we have two exposures, including views of the setting sun. Our previous apartment, where we lived for close to a decade, was on the first floor, had only a few windows and often felt like a cave. Although this new apartment has its own set of challenges, you can bet I am basking in all this bright, beautiful light!

Janel's Built-In Bookshelves
(Image credit: Janel Laban)

Janel Laban, Executive Editor:

The big wall of bookshelves (the photo above shows about half of it) that I thought I'd never, ever in a million years fill....which is now completely full. I have a thing for books and always have; that row of lavender-ish books third from the left in the second row is a special collection of mail-order Nancy Drews that I begged my Mom for when I was in the second grade. And, now that I look at this photo, I think I may have a thing for all-black or all-white "objects" too!

Nancy's NYC Studio
(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

Nancy Mitchell, Senior Writer:

I think the thing I love most about my apartment, weirdly, is its size. Having an apartment that's really small (only about 250 square feet) means my place is really cozy, it's easy to clean, and coming home every night feels like a warm hug.

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