Apartment Therapy Hits the Year End

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Festivus time. As Christmas approaches and New Year’s after that, SKGR is fleeing the island to spend the holiday with family, and we are going into hibernation to finish the Apartment Therapy book which is due January 15th (AT: The 8-Week Guide to Doing it Yourself). OHR, Mr. Publisher, will be circling the site from a distance and watching for typos.

For the next two weeks we are therefore uplugging our ethernet connection and going cold turkey into the world of facing our book project full time and not having the pleasure of spending time with you all online. Or almost.

We will be writing a few posts and have queued up a special selection of year-end top posts from 2004. We will undoubtedly be on at night going over the remains of the day and slipping in things from time to time. When the cat’s away….. Best, MGR