Apartment Therapy in the New: Metro New York

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Plug city: Newspaper covers bloggers who blog newspaper. Metro New York, the new daily morning newspaper that is being given away free all over the city wrote a big article on us today, and we love it. More than that, the article, Therapy for the New York life, gets it. Edited by Jon Barret, the article translates our running off at the mouth talkfest style and distills it all down to a few short paragraphs. Here’s a clip:

As New Yorkers, we’re usually too busy to stop and think abut how different our lives really are. But think about it – where else in the country do so many people pay so much to live in so many small apartment s on such a confined piece of land? That’s where Apartment Therapy.com comes in….this blog sets out to change New York “one apartment at a time.” “….I have been in so many different apartments all over the city and learned a lot,” says Gillingham-Ryan. “I want to put all this information on the Web so that everybody can access it.”

Good writing and reporting is what people want to read, so hats off to Metro New York for understanding us and not being afraid to check out the blog world. MGR