Apartment Therapy Reader Meetups (This Wednesday!)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A message from Maxwell for everyone organizing or thinking about attending an Apartment Therapy Reader Meetup (organized through Meetup Everywere) this week:

Right now you’re probably thinking about what is going to happen this Wednesday and what your Apartment Therapy Reader Meetup will look like. While I can’t tell you what is going to happen, I can tell you that in traveling around the country last week, I met a lot of you and loved all the stories that I heard about the first reader meetups. In order to support you, but without getting overly directive, since this is YOUR thing, I want to offer some help…

1. To prime the pump and get the ball rolling, we’re going to send a copy of the Big Book to any Meetup that reaches 35 signups in a month! We close tonight, and so far one meetup has passed the mark, DC, but San Francisco is really close! we’re going to fedex the books tomorrow so see if you can get closer today!

2. Pick a location NOW – if you are interested in meeting fellow readers this Wednesday and you see that no location has been chosen yet for your city, feel free step up and pick a place right now. Other readers will be more likely to get involved if they see a location has been chosen.

3. Apartment Therapy Logos & Squiggle: If you’d like the logo and squiggle to print or put anywhere, we can send them to you (some of you have asked). Please email herma@apartmenttherapy.com and she’ll send them to you.

4. After your meetup, send us pics: Please send us pics of your meetups as well as any words on what happened and we’ll publish them on the site later next week. Those that meetup (and send pics) get the glory. This is also super helpful to other meetups as they will be able to read about what you did. You can send photos/info on your meetup to editorial@apartmenttherapy.com and put “Reader Meetup” in the subject line.

In closing, I challenge all of you who are at least 2 person groups to actually meetup on Wednesday. Get the ball rolling and have a good time!