Apartment Therapy Mom Wisdom on... What She'd Tell Her Younger Self

Apartment Therapy Mom Wisdom on... What She'd Tell Her Younger Self

Brittney Morgan
May 14, 2017

If you could go back in time and tell your younger self anything, what would it be? We posed that question to our moms, and their responses—while all wonderful and smart and different—had some common threads, namely finding confidence, staying true to yourself, and not worrying about what other people think of you (or worrying at all, for that matter!). Their life advice is some we'll definitely be taking to heart, but more importantly, we hope this inspires you to ask your parents and mentors the same question—their responses might just make your day...

Go for confidence over perfection

"I would tell myself that I am more than adequate, and perfection is not only unattainable, but unnecessary. I would tell myself to be more confident." — Terry (mom to our Human Resources Coordinator, Louisa)

Don't sweat the small stuff

"First and foremost, don't sweat the small stuff! What seems like such a big deal at the moment, a few weeks from now you won't even remember. Life's too short! When it comes to child rearing, the more you let your kids do and figure out for themselves, the better for them. They'll have much better problem solving skills later, when it counts." — Carol (mom to our Senior Video Producer, Anne)

Be kind, confident, and full of love

"I would tell myself: Believe in yourself, be confident in every aspect of your life, and know your self worth (in jobs, friendships, romantic relationships). Be kind. Being confident does not mean being self centered. Be a good friend and a good family member. Reach out even when you think there's no need to. Always think through the repercussions before making a decision. Consequences do matter, and when we are young we don't always believe that. Think before posting a picture, texting or telling someone you think you can trust something. In other words, protect the most important people in your life—yourself, your reputation and your loved ones. Family is everything, period.

Never forget your value system. Everyone wants to be someone their mom and dad (or mentor) would be proud of one day—always know you can and will, and want to be that person. Love friends, your pets. Love and enjoy life. One day at a time. Look at the Sky, feel the sunshine (but wear sunscreen! We all want to look good when we are old!). But above all have character to guide you to do the right thing even when no one is watching." — Patty, (mom to our Marketplace Audience Development Manager, Lauren)

Follow your instincts and appreciate your family

"Nobody who matters is judging you. Pay attention to your instinct. If you are lucky enough to have a family that is a source of comfort and refuge, never take it for granted." — Nancy (mom to our Editorial Coordinator, Nora)

Be unapologetically you; seek happiness and knowledge

"There is only one you. Don't deny yourself from who you are by becoming what everyone else wants you to be. Enjoy exploring who you are—your talents, gifts, passions, personality, character strengths and weaknesses. Always be honest with yourself and others. Don't be afraid to make a mistake or be messy—that's how you learn. Laugh a lot, and find joy. Create healthy boundaries. Always explore to understand, and ask questions. Try new things. If you aim at nothing, you're sure to hit it. Find the time to read good books. Sharpen your ability to discern. And pay attention to the little things in life—that's where most of our biggest lessons are learned." — Joni (mom to our Office Manager, Rachelle)

Don't waste your time worrying

"I would tell my younger self, 'Don't spend any time on worry!' Worry doesn't give us anything, it only takes our peace." — Maggie (mom to our Associate Sales Director, Grace)

Focus on connecting

"Take time for yourself, take time to relax, and find time to connect with your friends and family." — Katherina (mom to our Production Assistant, Anita)

Find a career that leaves you feeling content

"Go to college. Find a job that you are happy in and love to go to everyday. If you are not happy in your job, seek a new one, otherwise you will be miserable." — Mona (mom to our Sales Marketing Coordinator, Ariel)

Don't act on emotions too quickly

"Feelings pass. As in, don't do anything when you're feeling a feeling, because it will pass." — Catherine (sister—who is a mom!—to our Features Editor, Edith)

Don't give up on your beliefs; love yourself and your life

"Stay true to what you believe. Love every moment. Love yourself for how strong you are, and never take for granted the life you've been given." — Susan (mom to our Assistant Lifestyle Editor, Brittney)

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