Apartment Therapy on a Low Carb Furniture Diet

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You are what you sit on. At Apartment Therapy we are always working hard like bunnies developing our philosophy and working out the talking points that underpin the healthy, beautiful, organized home. Today’s manifesto deals with throwawayism…

The Low Carb Furniture Diet

  • Quality is important
  • Less is more
  • Protein is better than carbs…

    Sometimes a piece of mass produced furniture (a carb) is useful and good, but too much of it will put big pounds on your home. The same thing applies to your home.


    Carbohydrate furniture is fluffy, sweet short term furniture that doesn’t last long. It is usually cheaper. We need it, we can use it, but not in great quantities. Comparable to actual carbs, this type of furniture – mass produced – carries very little energy in it, which is why it can start to look so sad so quickly. In sum, it is useful, but doesn’t add any value to your home, in terms of energy, $ or long term usefulness. You will have a hard time giving this furniture away in the end.


    Protein furniture is hard, solid, often handmade furniture, which is usually more expensive (but doesn’t need to be – antiques, restaurant supply and flea market finds fall into this category as well): a solid oak kitchen table, a custom couch, a beautiful kettle! We have a hard time with this furniture because it requires a commitment, but we need this furniture more to create a solid core in our home.


    Because we live in a carbohydrate furniture world, we have lost touch with the idea that we don’t need AS MUCH furniture, and a little protein furniture goes a long way. This is stuff that passes the test of time and like a good pair of jeans, gets better and COOLER with age. And you don’t need much (as I said). A few good things: one table and four chairs, one couch, one bed…. will last you longer and serve you better than too much chipboard, laminate furniture.

    Importantly, protein furniture carries more energy within it due to the way in which it has been made and is passed on. It will engergize your home over time, and you won’t have any trouble giving it away in the end.

    So, when you are shopping, spend the bulk of your budget on good stuff and be okay with not buying as much. Carb furniture is still great, but go easy. Remember, we want to respect the furniture pyramid in our homes.

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    Re-edited from a post originally published 3.20.06 – MR

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