Apartment Therapy on Comments

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Your comments rock! We started this blog with the hope that people would comment back, and it has been amazing to watch it happen. The amount of brainpower that is possible with commenting is SO MUCH more than what have by ourselves (believe me), and it is why blogging is so much better than just reading the newspaper.

To fill you in, comments for one piece in particular, How To: Paint Your Floors and Not Screw It Up have grown wildly and people have been comparing notes on how to paint many other things besides. Case in point, this latest from JustFauxFun:

I painted my 70’s flaming flourescent orange laminate countertops in my laundry room with the little jars of enamel craft paint from Michael’s….

It took about 3 hours to prep and then 2 hours to faux with a small sea sponge and a plastic palette to mix multiple shades. The result is a beautiful warm caramel granite finish with gold, black, brown and burgundy flecks. I topped it with two coats of marine varnish (it had to be durable…and waterproof….it’s the laundry room counter and we have 4 kids…it get’s LOTS of use). For fun, i left a small edge of the flaming orange laminate in one corner…I’m glad I did. The neighbor’s don’t believe it’s a painted finish! Pix available via email as I don’t have a web page.

Know how to paint something else? Hit Comment below….. MGR