Apartment Therapy on Keeping It Simple

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There is a lot going on right now. The last thing one needs is to come home to an apartment that is not relaxing – a place where you can’t let your thoughts sort themselves out. When I have interviewed clients and asked them what they want most from their home in the city, the majority have said they want a home that gives them the feeling of refuge. Refuge from the streets, from work, from crowds – a refuge where they can be themselves, and do the things they like to do…uninterrupted.

When I come home these days, I am HAPPY when there is no message on the answering machine or mail in the box. I have enough on my plate each day. I want to relax when I come home, not start from the top of another to do list: call back so and so, wash the dishes, pick up the dry cleaning, pay the bills.

I believe that making your life more complex and stimulating is easy. It is making it simpler, calmer, and more meaningful that is an hard. This is an art.

It is an art to prune and edit out those things that you don’t need in your life, which, like hair, grows constantly. You don’t keep the hair your barber cuts off, so why would you keep everything else? You don’t pay for your haircut, and then say, “Thank you for cutting my hair. Now could you please put in a bag so that I can take it home with me.” You let it go. And you let it go happily.

Think of this when you come home next. See if your home needs a pruning. See if it needs a domestic haircut.

Make yourself a refuge by keeping it simple. MGR