Apartment Therapy on Rings (The Anti-Trump Approach)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ring-a-Ding Rings are a beautiful symbol of commitment to a person, an idea or a cause. In our own soppy way, we have been drawn to rings since reading The Lord of the Rings as a teenager. Finding a ring design worth wearing is another matter.

We found our favorite ring in a small Japanese store, Niwaka, where we bought this one on the right for SKGR. It is called Dawn (right), and it is shaped like two arms reaching around in an embrace.

But we wanted a ring too, so SKGR bought us an engagement ring (why should the world only think one part of a couple is getting hitched?).

So, here’s the pitch: We propose that engagement rings be given on both sides of a couple, and that they should not be BIG ROCKS, but small, elegant items for wearing everyday (unlike Mrs. Trump’s new 15 carat monster)…

Whether you are man/man, man/woman or woman/woman, engagement is mutual and it should be shown with both wearing a ring. And as far as bands go, we are off the regular, fat band and all for Niwaka’s curved bands. Much more organic. Okay, that’s our new lifestyle/design pitch, and we feel sufficiently out on a limb. MGR