Apartment Therapy on The Little Things That Make a Difference

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

• When you wake in the morning, make your bed.
• Be sure the seat is down after you use the toilet.

• Always leave the shower curtain pulled across, so that it can dry and not mildew.
• Use your kitchen in the morning, even if it only to have a glass of orange juice.

• Take out the recycling when you leave home each morning.
• Always include a thank you note with your rent.

• Have your paper delivered. It is cheaper and more efficient.
• Always go out of your way to say good morning to your neighbors on the street.

• Pick up garbage in front of your building that other people may have dropped.
• Before you leave the office, take five minutes to clean up your desk.

• On Fridays, take 15 minutes and clear your desk, throwing out or filing all post-its, cards, or papers that are old.
• Buy flowers for your apartment at least once a week on your way home from work.

• Take off your street shoes when you come home. Use house shoes inside your home.
• Hang your coat up right away when you come home.

• Sort your mail right away when you come home.
• Keep all coats, bags, shoes by the front door. Don’t let these inhabit your living space.

• Use the time just after you get home to run any local errands, such as dry cleaning, pharmacy, or laundry.
• Check your messages right away and then erase the tape.

• Return all your calls before dinner.
• Use a cordless headset to make calls while you cook or straighten up your house.

• Don’t let your refrigerator fill up with old food. Clean it out at least once a week.
• Always eat on a real plate with a real napkin.

• Light a candle when you eat, even if you are alone.
• Drink water.

• When you are done, clean up and take this opportunity to clean your counters and table. If any need oiling, do it right away.
• Do all the dishes before you go to bed.

• Floss each night.
• Don’t make calls after 9pm.

• Put all clothes away or in the laundry before going to bed each night.
• Take a bath before bed if you have trouble sleeping.

• Plan on at least 7 ½ hours of sleep a night.
• Buy good bedding and invest in a good bed.

• Get in bed early and read a novel for ½ hour.
• Only have one book at your bedside at a time. Finish the books you start.

• Look forward to the morning, because you are ready for it.