Apartment Therapy On: Unexpected Visitors

Apartment Therapy On: Unexpected Visitors

Beth Zeigler
Jul 8, 2009

070809door-01.jpgBecause we work from home, we're much more likely to have an unexpected visitor than our office-job counterparts. And while we're always prepared for unexpected guests, friends don't drop by every day. We actually love it when a neighbor or friend stops by out of the blue--it gives us a chance to...

Take a break from work. We often get sucked into a project (without stopping to eat or drink), so when a friend drops by to say hi, we welcome the interruption of work. We also have a few ways that signal to our neighbors--we're home (and ready to be pulled away from the computer).

  • Leave the door open. With just the screen door in view, it gives the impression that we're available for a visit.
  • Let your friends know your policy. If you like friends to drop by unexpected--tell them so. If you're an introvert and rather not be bothered--speak up.
  • Sitting on our front stoop. Many of our close friends live in the neighborhood. When we do schedule a break (and stick to it) we try and catch some sun on the front stoop. Taking a break outdoors lets neighbors know it's okay to stop by for a quick chat.
    And even though we love the unexpected drop-in from a friend, it's also important to have an exit strategy. Key words inserted into a sentence like nap, errands to run and deadline indicate to our visitor that it's time to leave.

    Apartment Therapy readers, do you like it when friends drop-in? Or do you require a phone call or scheduled time for guests to stop by?

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