Apartment Therapy on Warren St. John

Apartment Therapy on Warren St. John

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 6, 2004

Do-it-just. We read Warren St. John's piece, New Hope for the Unhandy, in The Times yesterday and couldn't disagree more. Sir St. John asserts that the real difference between NYC and the rest of the country is not a red state/blue state division but a do-it-yourself/do-it-for-me division. And Home Depot shows this trend clearly, hence the doormen.

New Yorkers are lazy, unskilled and unwilling to fix up their own homes? Hey, sure there are many who will says things such as:

"We're city people," she said. "Most of the stuff, we don't do ourselves. I can do very little myself. Except spend the money."

But what about the rest of us, who are building footholds of self improvement in this city, one rung at a time? Do-it-yourself is alive and well in NYC, and just because St. John, in his mild celebrity and foppish reporting on imagined cultural trends has lost touch with the gritty convert-that-parking-sign-to-a-coffee-table ethic, does not mean that it isn't thriving.

We suspect St. John has not recently worried about sofa placement or shelf hanging in his (has he bought his own loft yet?) apartment. Perhaps he is now more comfortable in the do-it-for-me camp. That's all well and good, but he should be sure not to outsource the hard reporting. Best not to confuse our new and bloated Home Depot -- a corporate fantasy dreamed up in Atlanta -- as emblematic in any way of NYC..... HOP

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