Apartment Therapy Over Salt Lake City

Apartment Therapy Over Salt Lake City

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 23, 2012
Our panel last Thursday: Pilar Guzman, Deborah Needleman and myself

Late last Friday night I got back home from Salt Lake City, where I'd been invited to speak on a super cool panel about New & Traditional Media - super cool because it was with Deborah Needleman (WSJ) and Pilar Guzman (Martha Stewart). I also got to videotape conference attendees as they shared their personal style and thoughts on Jonathan Adler's bold new toilet paper roll designs for Cottonelle. It was a busman's holiday, and I was exhausted on Saturday morning as I woke up to play with Ursula in the fresh New York snow.

Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind

From these three days I want to share some sweet photographs and simply say that ALT is one great conference. If you are a serious home design blogger and particularly if you are a woman, this is mecca. To which I would also add the sidenote that if you are a male blogger you may find yourself totally irrelevant. When you put over a thousand passionate digital women in a luxury hotel in Utah - away from family and daily responsibilities - the last thing they are interested in is men.

A typical hallway view in The Grand America

What they are interested in is all the other amazing women they are among as well as networking around their shared passion. So it was really good that I was there to talk about Apartment Therapy, because that gave me a lot to share. I was very pleased to meet so many people who knew us, many of whom had been on the blog and had tons of traffic sent their way.

For myself, the days were long and the nights longer as conversations never seemed to stop. I loved meeting Gretchen Rubin over breakfast on Friday as well as hearing Ben Silberman's remarkable keynote that day. He and Pinterest got a standing ovation, which I'd never seen before at ALT! I spent two hours after our panel on Thursday drinking a bottle of wine with Deborah and Pilar and hearing about life behind the scenes in the Murdoch and Martha empires (all good). Having both fled Conde Nast after their magazines were unceremoniously shuttered, it was clear to me very quickly that these are incredible women and their current companies were extremely lucky to have them bringing their vision and talents to their magazines (WSJ mag and Martha Living). While they may technically be in old media, they are both totally new, strong, energetic talents. If anyone is going to help lead the transition to digital, it will be these two.

Our panel getting photographed and enjoying even more ego fluffing after a really nice conversation. From left: Pilar, Gabby, Deborah and myself.

Beyond these notables, it was an honor to meet and trade cards with so many interesting bloggers and designers. Thanks to all of you, and I have a stack of cards and websites to check out. It expanded my world.

Finally, hats off to Gabby Blair, Sara Urquhart and their whole family and crew for putting it all together. It's an incredibly generous offering to the digital design world.

Were you there? If yes, please let us know what you thought in the comments below and see you next year!

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PS. thanks, as well, to Laure Joliet for all these great pics.

Blogging in the hallways

Lisa Congdon's tattoo

Emily Henderson of Secrets from a Stylist

A great slide from Ben Siberman's (Pinterest founder) keynote on Friday

Getting a little attention from Haley and Julie in the Cottonelle room. :-)

Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project

All devices are set to stun all the time....

A group of super ALT Girls: Emily Hendersen, Lisa Congdon, Rena Tom, Victoria Smith, Morgan Satterfield

All the rooms were packed just like this!

(Images: Laure Joliet )


Here's a cool clip of my being interviewed about Apartment Therapy in the lobby of the Grand America. It's a very well done short interview and post from KSL Television in Salt Lake.

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