Apartment Therapy's Design Showcase 2009

Apartment Therapy's Design Showcase 2009

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 11, 2009
Congrats to all our finalists, thank you to all 38 amazing designers who submitted and see you next year!

Emily Fischer's Soft-Maps (quilted blankets patterned after city maps) was our double whammy, overall winner in two categories for 2009

Designs Posted: 38 of 38
(consider this the number of designers with booths set up)
Designs Received: 114
(consider this the number that would like to have a booth)
Pageviews: 282,418
(consider this the number of eyeballs passing by the booths so far)

Judges' Choice Winner:

1. Soft-Maps by Emily Fischer
(Emily receives $10k in banner and email advertising on our home network for winning this vote)

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Reader's Choice Winner:

1. Soft-Maps by Emily Fischer - 256

(Emily receives another $10k in banner and email advertising on our home network for winning this vote)

2. Redeploy Rug by Rebekah Rauser - 150

3. Good Books Shelf by Jason Neufeld - 127


Tuesday Matchup
1. Redeploy Rug by Rebekah Rauser - 166
2. Double Cantilevered Case by Scott Wilson - 113

Wednesday Matchup
1. Soft-Maps by Emily Fischer - 355
2. Hello Block Shelving by Kenn Archibald - 191

Thursday Matchup
1. Good Books Shelf by Jason Neufeld - 124
2. NOMAD Floor Lamp by Steve Worden - 109


The Top Six Finalists:

1. Good Books Shelf by Jason Neufeld (1,328)
2. Soft-Maps by Emily Fischer (1,133)
3. Redeploy Rug by Rebekah Rauser (912)

4. Hello Block Shelving by Kenn Archibald (868)
5. NOMAD Floor Lamp by Steve Worden (797)
6. Double Cantilevered Case by Scott Wilson (746)

----------------- Cutoff: -----------------

7. Drip Plate by Cat Merrick (744)
8. Translucent Room Divider System by Dan Forlenza (732)
9. Nature Planter by Dominic D'Andrea & Tram Pham (698)

10. Lamp Sweater by Lise Lefebvre (685)
11. My Little Piece of Heaven by Franziska Neumann & David Wharram (643)
12. Constellation Chandelier by Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn (636)

13. Oh Lloyd! Lampshade Pendant by Hemal Patel (632)
14. Re/Assemble Dining Table by Amy Kircher & Alejandro Iriarte (591)
15. Brix Console by Julie Morringello (590)

16. Le Petit Dej by Peter White (555)
17. Strata Cabinet for the hall by Nicole Runde (549)
18. Table Accessories by nettydesigns (486)

19. Haven Bespoke Quilts by Cassandra Ellis (483)
20. Planted Bench by Jessica Carter (448)
21. As the Crow Flies Mobile by Contexture Design (443)

22. Karin Bench by Norman Lee (438)
23. Wobble Bowls by Jessica Phillips (434)
24. Bird Bottle by Julie Rooney (429)

25. Random Geometry Wallpaper by Karen Combs (421)
26. Super-FUNctional Playtable by Jennifer Mujat-Kearns (415)
27. S t r e t c h Shelf by Pete Oyler (399)

28. Undefined by Brock Brockington (322)
29. Reveal Ottoman by Keith Kaminski (319)
30. Laboratory Lamp by Andie Olive (317)

31. "Dipped" Chair by Elisa Werbler (312)
32. Bocce Lamp by Emily Robin (294)
33. FUSAO Lamp by Ryan Barnacastle & Erin Gregg (294)

34. Panic Table by Joseph & Andee Hess (293)
35. Music Studio, Storage, Work Space, Sleeping Quarters, Home Theater 5 In 1 by Ilin Chung (268)
36. Shaded Wall Light by Martin Konrad Gloeckle (246)

37. STEEL Series by Nathan Goldsworthy (175)
38. Astrojet by Michael Hovey (166)


All their info is here: Sandy Chilewich, Drew Sanocki & Tina Roth Eisenberg.


Thank you so much for all your feedback to our survey post last month. This month we're putting out the call for great, new designs by independent and student designers that promise to make our homes more beautiful and inspiring places to live.

We'll post the best submissions, allow the readers to vote and then give six finalists an unprecedented chance to feature their design and themselves by building their own original post on our site during prime time in September. Interested? Keep going...

Two winners will then be chosen (1 judge favorite and 1 crowd favorite) and awarded an even bigger opportunity with $20k worth of ad placements during the fall season on our sites and in our daily email, which they can use to get themselves and their designs in front of our audience of over three million monthly readers.

As winners, the lucky two will also know that they have been highly regarded not only by our readers, but by our judges, who we will be announcing on Friday, August 14th.

If ever there was an amazing opportunity to give your elevator pitch, this is it!

Note: Voting for each submission is open for 36 hours

Who Can Enter?
• Independent & student designers from all over the world
• Design couples and teams are welcome

We're looking for folks who need exposure and a big push to get them to the next level. Already designing for a big company? That's okay, but send us stuff you're doing on the side. We want to help you, not the big company.

What Designs Are Eligible?
• One original design that has reached prototype stage or beyond
• No designs are eligible that have been purchased or licensed to commercial manufacturers or distributors. If you've been able to manufacture it yourself, that's fine.
• Designs can be for home furnishings, accessories, lighting, appliances or textiles

If it goes into the home, we're open to it. It can be decor, furnishing or materials related, just don't send us a car design.

What To Submit?
• Your name and contact info
• Short description with materials and potential price
• Image of design drawing
• Three photographs of prototype or finished product (This is important. You must have taken it at least to prototype stage.)
• One photograph of yourself (Feel free to look like as important as you feel).

Give us your best pitch, and your clearest product shots. Remember that first impressions are the most important.

Dates & Deadlines?
• Submissions accepted until August 24th
• Submissions posted from August 12th-September 2nd
• Finalists notified on September 8th
• Finalists posted from September 14th-18th

The early birds will get the worm. We won't be able to post everyone, and are currently reserving 20 37 slots in August and September. We'll notify you if we post you or if we don't, and reserve the right to decide editorially whether or not a submission is strong enough to share with the crowd.

Note on Voting
Though you are allowed to ask your friends and family to vote, only one vote is allowed per person. If we find that any voting has been hacked and that one person has voted numerous times, we reserve the right to either throw out the votes we can identify or discount the submission entirely.

Got a great design? Let us help you make it big.

Submission Form is now closed

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