4 Apartment Upgrades That Will Make Your Life

published Feb 8, 2015
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Even if you’re renting and you can’t banish that ugly tile or sticky-hinged cabinet, you CAN do these four things to make your apartment more beautiful, efficient and homey. Seriously, you need to address this stuff yesterday.

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Dress up your closet

Nothing will improve your mornings like an organized closet so if you don’t currently have the bins, shelving or hooks in place to properly store all your outfits, get them. Get them now! It’s amazing what a weekend and $100 at the Container Store will do for your everyday routine. And remember, you can take these tools with you when you leave so no excuses!

(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Create an entryway

Even in a tiny studio (especially in a tiny studio) a set-aside space to function as an entry is essential. It will help dirt stay out, wrangle clutter like mail and shoes and give you a designated place for all the things you need to take with you on your way out the door. Trust us, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars every time you can’t find your keys!

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Beautify your bath

You can’t choose the fixtures and finishes of your rental bath but you can add some strategic accessories to give your bathroom the look and feel you want. Try attention-drawing colorful pops like this bathtub rack above or simply invest in some new towels to give you a post-shower lift. The cheapest, but most effective upgrade here? Treat yourself to some wonderful-smelling soap and appreciate it every time you wash your hands.

Ban overhead lighting

Apartment lighting is notoriously depressing so make a vow to never turn on those florescent overhead fixtures again. Instead, get strategic with a lighting plan. Make sure you have at least three light sources in every room and vary the style and height of those lamps to get a well-rounded, glowing space. Just like that, watch your space get sexier, classier and more inviting.