ApartmentTherapy.com Introduces its first Poet Laureate: Shannon Holman (SGH)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Shannon Holman was born in Eden, North Carolina, a mining town, and her first memory is of sitting in the car port as a toddler and writing a letter even before she knew how to read. We read her work and suddenly realized we needed a Poet Laureate.

Our confidence in the whole thing was confirmed when her reply to our proposal was:

“I’d be thrilled–but does that mean I’d have to write occasional poetry about occasional tables?”

C’mon. She lives in Brooklyn. Her desk is a Russell Wright, bought at the Chelsea Flea Market. She says it looks like a loaf of bread…

On the wall of her apartment there is a box with fuses labeled “X-Ray” and “Steriliser.” which leads her to suspect it was once a doctor’s office…. Her father was a Marine. Some of you will remember when we discovered the Paint Chip Poems. That was her.

It was meant to be. When she was getting her MFA at the New School, Robert Pinsky visited with anthologies for sale. There was a “Poet Laureate” sticker on the book. She took the sticker off and pasted it to her school ID card. When they’re peeling that sticker off her books, we’ll say we knew her when.

She is most recently the author of an essay, “Delicious Absence,” in the 2004 collection Gamers, and we couldn’t recommend her web site www.onemississippi.com highly enough. We are honored to welcome her to the site where her work will appear with some regularity. OHR