Apple Patents Tablet-like Device

Apple Patents Tablet-like Device

Range Govindan
Feb 3, 2009

One of the biggest rumors that's been floating around this year is the possibility that Apple would release a form of tablet PC. Since the device wasn't announced at MacWorld, it seemed like they were a no-go for this year. However, it looks like Apple has patented their new device just the same, leaving it open to the possibility of being produced sometime this year.

The patent is hidden among a litany of others that were awarded to Apple this January. It's titled "Display housing for computing device" which apparently covers some of their current portable devices. Apple continues to describe it as a pure tablet device with radio communication. Now, that's what we've all been waiting for! I've already decided that my next mobile device will be a tablet PC, at least one with a convertible display, since I'm unsure that a tablet can work purely with a touch display.

The Apple Tablet would bridge the gap between the MacBook and the iPhone/iPods. With solid drive technology becoming more and more reliable and capacities that keep expanding, Transcend just announced a 192GB SSD, the device will most likely feature SSD. Unlike the MacBook Air, it's small form factor will enable it to compete with Eee PCs and all the other netbooks on the market right now. The only hitch would be pricing. If the device is too expensive to compete with netbooks, it will have problems being extremely popular. It would need to be priced under $1,000 in order to work well.

Still, it's something that has been anticipated for quite a while and I'm sure that when it's released, it will work well. Also, new iMacs are coming out shortly, which leads us to believe that more products from Apple will be launched this year. Are you going to be getting an Apple Tablet when they are released? [via Gizmodo]

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