Bedrooms on The Apprentice

Bedrooms on The Apprentice

Feb 12, 2008

Kelly Van Patter is a designer to the stars! Based in LA, Van Petter Design has created livable sets for film and TV, including multiple seasons of The Apprentice. We got a kick out of the bedroom designs because they're essentially glorified dorm rooms (twin bed, same room living for strangers).

Follow along as we trace trends throughout the seasons and maybe you'll find your own Trumped up bedroom inspiration...

Season 1: Van Patter starts the series out mildly, with muted, earthy colors, clean shapes, and geometric patterns. There's no design risk here (as everything looks like it's straight from a catalog) but we appreciate the added softness of the silhouette pillows and the squat table lamps are adorable.

Season 2: And now for something completely different! This season sees bold, saturated color and a great mix of styles. The romantic damask is cut with the tie-stripe sheets and pop typography pillows. Painting the headboard and wall a similar color hints to the bed structure but gives the eye a rest from all the pattern in the room.

Season 4: Lots of silks and botanical accessories create an Asian feel in these rooms. The colors remain relatively monochromatic because texture is the highlight. From the prickly tufting on the bedspread to the cut-out headboard, everything begs to be touched.

Season 5: The last season in Van Patter's portfolio retires royally. Keeping pattern and texture to a minimum, the focus falls on the antique-in-appearance furnishings and metallic accessories. For the first time, Van Patter shakes up the hotel-style symmetry by breaking up the beds.

So what do you think? Does she have some good ideas or do you proclaim, "You're Fired?"

Photo credit: All photos from Van Patter Design

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