Apps That Teach In Unexpected (and Entertaining) Ways

Apps That Teach In Unexpected (and Entertaining) Ways

Sure there are lots of educational apps out there, some of which we've even mentioned a time or two. But what can you learn from apps that are not traditionally categorized as "educational"? When we think on the lessons that we've learned, some of the most sticky have been ones learned outside of a classroom and were when we didn't think of ourselves as "learning." In that vein, we've gathered up a few apps that we think are quite educational whether you're 5 or 50.

Absorb some of the laws of physics while being absorbed in this game. Gameplay is simple, yet addicting and as the levels increase so does the difficulty making it harder and harder to accumulate the mass that you need to survive. $4.99 & $2.99, iPad & Android

We've seen a wide range of ages become completely enraptured with this app. The basic idea is to read the instructions which will ask you to add specific colours and numbers of a certain size as quickly as possible. We've noticed that it's very helpful for young children in helping them to recognise and compare sizes and colours (the app will request for example you add the small yellow number) as well as work on their addition skills. For grownups this app is a fun way to improve your doing math in your head skills. $.99, iPad & Android

Super 7
Another deceptively addictive game with math as the focus, Super 7 is all about finding ways to make "7" as quickly as possible. Although the goal sounds simple, it can actually be quite tricky, and we love that as you find more ways to make 7, the ball becomes harder to manipulate as it gains weight making it easier than ever to accidentally brush another number that would make it total more than 7. The game also increases in difficulty by throwing in multiplication, subtraction, and division. $.99, iPad

Any Time Based/ Casual Simulation Game
Whether you're playing Flight Tycoon or Zombie Farm, all these games feature time, limited resources, and the need for you, the player, to be an efficient manager. While it can be difficult to see the value in your child playing something like the aforementioned Zombie Farm, know that they are learning how to manage their funds in an efficient way in order to you know, raise a zombie army.

(Image: Flickr member Yoshiyasu Nishikawa licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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