Apps to Help You Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions

Apps to Help You Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions

Jason Rodway
Jan 2, 2013

You've survived the holiday season and celebrated the new year with Auld Lang Syne, champagne, and the company of good friends and family. Now that the dust has settled and your feet are planted firmly in 2013, have you considered what you'd like to achieve within the next 12 months? Here are a few apps we've looked into to help you stay on track with 2013's resolutions...

For many the end of year is a checkpoint for assessing goals and creating active plans to reach them. The most popular resolutions require several changes in lifestyle but with perseverance, discipline and positive support they aren't farfetched. If you're looking for help with that first step, a smartphone loaded with the right apps is a resourceful companion for activities such as weight loss, developing positive habits, managing finances, getting organized, or planning that dream vacation.


Left: LifeTopix - Right: iTunes U

My New Year's Resolution is: to be more organized.
There's no question that life can be quite hectic and we wish for a little more control to avoid wasting time or money. My fiancé and I swear by LifeTopix, which has a hand in both our lives and allows us to be in sync with each other. This app manages it all; calendars, to-do lists, agendas, private information, projects, travel plans, and wedding details. LifeTopix is a blank canvas that adjusts to whatever you want it to be, syncs across numerous devices and is a dream to use (and to look at.) $1
Equivalent for Android/Windows Phone

iTunes U
My New Year's Resolution is: to learn something new.
When you want to add a second language to your resume or just want to keep your brain in tip-top shape, independent education is a noble answer. Apple's own iTunes U offers up a catalog of textbooks for High Schoolers or University students but is also available to anyone willing to learn. Topics such as art, business, the various sciences, literature or mathematics are just some of the genres to expect from this robust service. I found it a great app to learn some advanced cooking recipes and brush up on some preliminary Japanese. Free


Left: Lose It! - Right: The Habit Factor
Lose It! My New Year's Resolution is: to lose weight. This app was a big hit with a fellow writer (so much that it was one of her essential tech tools of the year.) With that kind of backing it's hard to recommend any other app for healthy living. Lose It! is a dietary and exercise tracker app that takes information from your day to day life (calories consumed and burned through various activities) and translates it to digestible numbers. Anyone serious about shedding the pounds or maintaining a current healthy weight should make this their first stop. Free Also available for iOS - Equivalent for Windows Phone

The Habit Factor
My New Year's Resolution is: to fix bad habits.
This app is a good suggestion for many if not all resolutions you could possibly have. The Habit Factor is a goal oriented app that takes your general expectations and breaks them down into several tasks that can be done with consistent habitual training. The idea is that by keeping you on track with these smaller activities, you will snowball into bigger results. For example, if you wish to generally lose weight, it'll task and remind you to; sleep/wake by a certain time, eat healthier foods and keep up with your favored activity (swimming or cycling.) I use it to keep up with a regular writing routine and log which days I read/study. Try the free version if it sounds like an appealing premise. $5
Equivalent for iOS/Windows Phone

Windows Phone

Left: Pageonce - Right: My Trips

My New Year's Resolution is: to manage my finances better
Money comes and goes: it's a fact of life. However, money can be like sand falling through the cracks and falling under the radar. If your aim for this new year is to stay on top of every dollar to get the most from every buck, Pageonce is an app I have a personal attachment to. It's a personal finance app that makes a note of the incoming/outgoing numbers of your various bank accounts, credit cards, monthly bills and every such financial category. With all your finances in one place you can oversee money and control it based on the charts and numbers Pageonce generates. Free
Also available for iOS/Android

My Trips
My New Year's Resolution is: to travel more.
At this time of year we're cold, we see colder months ahead and we all shout in unison 'I've got to get away!' This is the year we're going to pool some of our savings together and are going to go somewhere. If you're looking to build a perfect travel itinerary My Trips is an amazing client that uses a Trip It account to put together a how, when, where and what action plan to make your dream vacation a reality. This app will be your all-in-one right hand guide for those finicky details such as departure/arrival at the airport, hotel locations, car rental and more. Best of all, it works offline so you won't have to worry about overseas data fees. $2
Equivalent for iOS/Android

(Images: 1. Jason Rodway, all others: as credited above.)

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