Apps to Make OS X Behave Like a PC

Apps to Make OS X Behave Like a PC

Range Govindan
Jan 3, 2011

I come from a PC background, and I have used PCs all of my life. We had Macs once upon a time when I was young at home, but at some point in time, my parents switched to PCs. When I arrived at university, it was all about UNIX. This is one of the reasons why I like having OS X on my MacBook, because it's built on a UNIX kernel. Once I opened up the terminal in OS X, it felt very familiar. However, a lot of PC users will be frustrated with some of the ways that the graphical user interface of OS X works. Here are some small apps that I've found to make my Mac a bit more like a PC.

OS X was initially surprising. One of reasons why I waited a week before unpacking my MacBook Pro 17 was that I simply didn't have the time to customize it during the work week. This is why I waited for Christmas Day. I found some quick annoyances that some small apps helped circumvent. While they do make my Mac behave more like a PC, it's possible that as a Mac-user, this has been one of your frustrations as well.

1. Annoyed With the Behavior of the Green Button?
If you're like me, you probably prefer to have a button on each window that allows you to maximize it, no matter what your screen resolution. RightZoom is the app that can do this and you barely notice that the app is running. Now, once you press the green button, the windows are maximized by default.

2. Magic Mouse Annoying You?
Are you unsatisfied with the way that the Magic Mouse is working out for you? Then you should try MagicPrefs, which allow you to customize a lot of features of the Magic Mouse. You can program new gestures and that's just the beginning.

3. Battery State and Usage
Coconut Battery is a small utility that will get the information from your System that can usually be found through Apple icon on Magic Menu-> About This Mac-> More Info-> Power. It's freeware, but you're encourage to donate to help the developers. Coconut Battery will allow you to track in detail the stats of your battery. It's important when you're concerned about preserving your MacBook's battery life.

4. Snapping the Mouse to the Dialog Boxes
I like having the mouse snap to the dialog boxes. This is a way of quickly dismissing the dialog boxes, without having to reorient the pointer to click the box. SteerMouse is a small utility that does this. It also allows you to customize the behavior of your mouse.

5. LazyMouse
LazyMouse does the same, if not more, than SteerMouse, but you have to buy it. You can use a trial version before having to upgrade.

(Image: Flickr member Cristiano Betta licensed for use under Creative Commons and Range)

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