April is Bathroom Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Even as we roll out our 13 finalists*, we are continuing our hunt for bathroom inspiration, tips and sources and wondering where all those awful bathroom pics are that we were threatened with last week? Don’t be shy, send them in. We’ll help.

Want to recommend a great place to find a vintage tub or to get good prices on designer tile? How about the ultimate rubber ducky and bath salts? This is the month.

*Now, about those 13 finalists. This is what happened.

First we decided that taking 5 from the East and 5 from the West was silly, since we had more entries in the East and if we were really looking for the BEST, we shouldn’t be limited to location. So we looked at the voting scores of all 102 submissions and decided to take the top 12 because we wanted to be generous with such an amazing pool. Along the way, we had to remove two finalists (one is a DWR employee and the other submitted a guest house) and wrote to tell them so. It turned out that we were wrong in one case, however. The guest house turned out to be lived in full time, so it was, in fact, a home. So, feeling generous again AND conscious that our rules did not rule against this, we brought this one back into the finals with our blessing.

And now we are 13. But who we are will only be slowly revealed…