April is for the Smallest and the Coolest

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Small, Cool is an elegant proposition and this month we aim to do it justice. We’ll be blogging the best in small space tips and resources, and we need your help.

While the Smallest, Coolest Contest has a size limit (no bigger than 650 square feet), the concept behind it does not: it’s really about the beauty in using space well, in finding the right balance between function and aesthetics for a particular home. So even if you’re not planning a submission this year, we hope you’ll share your ideas and resources on the subject of small cool living. E-mail us here. (Questions are welcome as well).

Speaking of reader participation, a hearty thanks to all of you who shared pics of your bathrooms during the month of March. Nevermind AT Walks the Island; we’ve half a mind to start an AT tour of cool Bay Area bathrooms…

In other AT news, the 2007 Spring Cure is still going strong, so check it out for more inspiration. And remember to register for our new comments system so that you can vote in the 2007 Smallest, Coolest Contest!

April at Home by Emily Payne