Aquaponic Aquarium In Action

Aquaponic Aquarium In Action

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 25, 2010

When you enter Mile High Bikram Yoga in Denver Colorado, there's more than downward dog in store for you. When you enter their doors, there's a new addition to their studio. Earlier this month they set up a new Aquaponic indoor garden and aquarium combination. Want to see it up close?

Since things are just starting out at the Mile High Bikram Yoga studio, they're in the beginning stages of the symbiotic relationship between the fish and the plants. As the plants grow larger they'll siphon out all the fish waste and clean the water — fertilizing the plants and letting Nemo and his friends swim in the cleanest pool possible.

Although we're personally hoping for a pirate fish tank at the bottom of the tank and possibly little fishy yoga mats (you only hope we're kidding), we love seeing this set up in a small scale that's totally manageable in a home, apartment or office space. You don't need some large vast expanse of yard to make things happen, all you need is a few basic supplies and a sunny window to let things get started.

We'll check back in with this set up in a few months to see how things are going, hopefully with Spring on the doorstep and Summer on the way, things will be blossoming left and right! Would you attempt this on a small scale in your own space? Or would you rather leave it to your yoga studio?

(Image: Torrey Trover for Mile High Bikram Yoga)

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