ArchitectMade’s Innovative Child’s Chair

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you were a fan of Kristian Vedel’s Birds, you might want to check out his unusual child’s chair. The Danish architect also famous for his children’s furniture brings form, function, and playfulness together in this piece.

Vedel claimed that his “purpose was to create a combination of a child chair and a tumble stool, appealing to the children’s own fantasy and their varying psychological and physical needs.” The versatile seat can be used on its end, as in the photo, or on its side as a kind of “tumble stool,” as Vedel calls it. The two planks can be moved to different heights for different sized children or uses. And the unique bent wood design means there is no need for bolts, screws or nails.

At $590, the chair doesn’t come cheap, but its unusual and adaptable design might make it the perfect piece to last throughout childhood