Architect Portfolio: Alvar Aalto Residences

This Finn designed lots of architecture – not just residences – that could warm a Scandinavian winter purely through aesthetics. His public work provides warming touches of wood for all who use it, and his private work is no different. Let’s escape to Finland (and France and Germany) to see a few of his residential designs:

Our own Aaron Able really did escape to Helsinki last year. Thanks to him, we have an archive of Finnish work here at Apartment Therapy, documented during Aaron’s trip. Check out his visit to Aalto’s own home and studio in the first gallery image.

1 Riihitie 20: The Aalto Family Home, Studio & Laboratory
2 Another of Aalto’s own homes, the Muuratsalo Experimental House
3 Villa Mairea
4 Maison Carré
5 Baker House: The Alvar Aalto Dorm at MIT

6 Flats at Hansaviertel
7 Villa Tammekann
8 put Aalto in your own home with the three-legged Stool 60 for Artek
9 the sauna Aalto designed for the grounds of the Experimental House
10 Villa Kokkonen