These Designer Doghouses are Bark-itectural Marvels

published Aug 18, 2018
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Does anyone actually use a doghouse for their pet anymore? Most doghouses for sale are boring and lack any enrichment for pets. But not anymore! Architect Luke Louchheim just combined his love of animals and architecture for an incredible feat. He teamed up with 9 other architects to create doghouses that dogs would actually want to hang out in and owners would actually want to buy. And the best part? The bidding for these dog houses will benefit Animal Rescue Fund’s Bow Wow Meow Ball.

Not only did Luke want to benefit animals in his area, he also wanted to put other architects up to a challenge. He told Architectural Digest:

“I live in an area where big gigantic houses are going up left and right, so I wanted to see what the local talent could do on a much smaller scale,” says Louchheim. “Most exciting is the beauty and variety of the finished structures. The materials include fishing pallets salvaged at a Montauk dock, shag rug, mirrored siding, cement, stone, wood, steel, live plants, and more.”

The 10 architects each designed a doghouse and then a builder was given the responsibility of bringing that design to life. All 10 doghouses are up for auction as of Saturday, August 18, 2018.

(Image credit: 501 Auctions/Tria Giovan)

Architect: Robert Young of Robert Young Architects

Builder: Fountainhead Construction

This doggy pad was designed with pooches in mind. They wanted to think of what a dog wants and needs and came to realize that dogs have similar needs as humans. The Bow Wow Haus has “relaxed indoor/outdoor living combined with cozy sheltered nooks, cross ventilation, natural light and easy access to refreshments.”

The starting bid for this house is $5,000.

(Image credit: 501 Auctions/Tria Giovan)

Architect: Juan Ignacio Ramos of Estudio Ramos

Builder: Bulgin & Associates

The Benchhouse was created so dog and owner could both get enjoyment out of it together. The planted roof is for the owner, the home underneath for the dog, and the bench is for them both to sit together and bond.

The starting bid for this house is $1,100.

(Image credit: 501 Auctions/Tria Giovan)

Architect: Maziar Behrooz of MB Architecture

Builder: Michael Davis Design and Construction

The Shaggy Dogs doghouses were designed as his and hers model. One is blue, while the other is white. Not only is this doghouse comfy for your pet, the designer also says it is comfy for your husband. “On those days your husband has misperformed, and assigned to the doghouse, he will lay down next to the Shaggy Doggy House, resting his head on its softly cushioned faux fur, comforted by his other best friends, sleeping inside.”

The starting bid for this house is $1,000.

(Image credit: 501 Auctions/Tria Giovan)

Architect: Kitty McCoy of Katherine McCoy Architecture

Builder: Walter Sternlieb at Studio 449

The Domus Canus was designed with the fancy dog in mind. It has a dome roof, a hand-stenciled floor, and wallpaper. The house works both indoors and outdoors, in case you don’t want to leave this doghouse in the harsh outdoor weather.

The starting bid for this house is $1,700.

(Image credit: 501 Auctions/Tria Giovan)

Architect: Bill Beeton of Beeton & Company

Builder: Landscape Details

This doghouse took inspiration from one of the most famous fictional dogs in history – Snoopy. The architect modeled the house after Charles Schultz’s design for Snoopy’s doghouse. But to make this doghouse stand out and be unique, it was given the “enigma” styling, which is where the mirrors come into play.

The started bid for this house is $1,100.

To check out all 10 dog houses and bid on one of them today (August 18) you can head over to 501 Auctions’ website now!