7 Real-Life Architectural Challenges & Their Innovative Solutions

7 Real-Life Architectural Challenges & Their Innovative Solutions

Jennifer Hunter
Mar 8, 2015
(Image credit: Selena Kirchhoff)

Every apartment has its own set of quirks and challenges. The trick is to make your unique situation into the best possible version it can be. These seven homes show how every feature can be beautiful and useful if you work it just the right way. Check 'em out.

Closet where you don't need it

If you've got a closet in a random room that doesn't call for one, don't forget that that is still usable floor space. Howard not only removed the doors to add extra square footage to his living room, he painted the inside to give it a special, set-apart nook vibe for a mini seating area.

A weird wall

Jenn and Hunter's protruding fireplace meant an extra wall in the corner. Instead of trying to cover it up or make it blend in, they gilded it with gold. Wow! Now, it stands out as a cool design element but also really works with the rest of the decor in this couple's space.

Exposed pipes

With no vanity to hide them, Kirsten's pipes were exposed so she made an unconventional decision: highlight them with lime-green paint. What a great punch of personality.

Weird cutouts

Stephanie's interesting ceiling shape probably took some getting used to, but she really took advantage of this cool, cut-out feature. She used the attention-getting windows and smartly situated her main seating area there. Under the lower eaves, she tucked a cozy desk. Perfect.

Too Boxy

Maybe you have the opposite problem. Instead of having an unusual ceiling silhouette, you've got exactly NOTHING of interest, just a beige box. Emily didn't let herself be hemmed in by her boring-ass walls, she made her own architectural details with paint. Genius!

Stumpy ceilings

Whitney's ceilings aren't exactly palatial, but she added some extra visual inches by choosing curtains in the same color family as her walls and then hanging them extra high to really elongate her walls. Works every time.

Steep under the stairs nook

CB doesn't let any space go to waste in his pad. He didn't let the unusual shape of this under-the-stairs nook prevent him from putting a very regularly shaped, rectangular keyboard here. In fact, the contrast makes it look even better. Well done!

Tell us, what weird challenges are you facing in your space?

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