Good Questions: How to Remove Aluminum Off the Wall?
AT reader Jessica inherited the decor decisions of a previous tenant and is having problems trying to remove it:“My bathroom downstairs has aluminum foil applied to the walls and I can’t get it off. I think the people who lived here before me applied it with glue and it’s proving to be impossible to remove. Can you tell me the best way to remove it? Thank you.”We think you’ve got several options. The first being the easiest to try, but possibly time consuming.
Aug 5, 2008
How To: Keep Unwashed Clothes Fresher
Yesterday’s post on lessening laundry conjured a few hints about keeping between-load clothes looking and feeling fresher. Courtesy of Granny, a French roommate and the corner liquor store…GET NAKED—remove clothes immediately upon returning home, slip into something more comfortable and allow it to become more pheromone-rich.VODKA—Old costumer’s trick: Turn clothes inside out, hang, and spritz with any plain vodka or a 50/50 vodka-water solution.
Jul 30, 2008
How To: Make Your Stainless Steel Sink Shine
Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks has always been a pet peeve. Once it was discovered how clean and shiny they REALLY could be, the OCD about keeping them that clean….hasn’t stopped. And why not when it’s so simple to do? Click through the jump to check out how to use common household items to clean even the dirtiest sink naturally and in under 5 minutes. Stainless Steel sinks always seem to deceive you.
Jul 29, 2008
Good Questions: How To Clean the Discoloration on my Macbook?
Reader Courtney Chelo asks:After 5 years with my freshman year standard issue Dell laptop (which is dying a slow, painful death) I’m ready to leave the PC world for a Mac. I don’t need anything fancy… I’m going with the MacBook 2.4GHz… the question is: if I get the white one, will it turn yellow? Some say “YES!” some say “GOD, NO!” and others say “I don’t want to learn to use a Mac and you shouldn’t either!
Jul 25, 2008
How To: Make Shelves Out of Fruit Crates
We love a simple DIY solution, so when we happened across a set of photos explaining how to make cute shelves out of inexpensive (or free, if you’ve got a nose for scavenging) wooden crates, we were all over them. See the final result, along with detailed instructions and photos, below the jump.
Jul 18, 2008
How To: Fix a Broken Toilet Handle Using Zip Ties and a Key Ring
The handle broke off my toilet a few weeks ago, right at that time when it’s too late to go to the hardware store but too early to wait until the next day to fix it (my boyfriend and I are both night owls so are often up into the early morning.) Sticking our hands into the tank every time we needed to flush seemed . . . unappealing, so we rigged up a temporary solution that we happen to think is pretty great.
Jun 23, 2008
LA House Tour: Lindsey’s Perfected Sophistication
Name: Lindsey DannLocation: Los Angeles, CASize: 1620 sq/ftYears lived in: 4, OWNED >> We met Lindsey Dann via a coffee table we were both coveting. Although it turned out that the table wasn’t for sale, we knew we’d found a kindred spirit. When she emailed us the pictures she’d had taken of her own home, we asked if she’d mind sharing them with our readers at AT.
Jun 13, 2008
LA House Tour: Anne & Jacob’s Curiosity Shop Meets MidCentury Modern
Name: Anne Faith Nicholls & Jacob Arden McClure Location: Los Angeles, CA Size: 1,200 Square Feet LoftYears lived in: 4 Months >> Built in 1905 in the Richardsonian Romanesque and Beaux Arts style, the Pacific Electric Building located at 6th and Main Street was LA’s first skyscraper, constructed for use as a terminal and office building for the downtown streetcar operations of The Pacific Electric Railway Company.
Jun 6, 2008
10 Best Useful Household Items
This morning, after we posted about Zilok, the online items rental service, we started a laundry list of items we feel are essential to have around the house. These fairly mundane items are items we use regularly, use for multiple tasks around the house, and we couldn’t think living without… Binder clips: We didn’t realize how important these were in our household until we ran out of them recently.
Jun 4, 2008
LA House Tour: Danielle & Lakshan’s Comfy Modern
Name: Danielle & Lakshan, and Mortimer the Bulldog Location: Glebe, Inner City, Sydney Australia Size: a little over 800 square feet + deck and small roof terraceYears lived in: 5 months >> You might be wondering why this house tour looks so familiar. It’s because you’ve got a great memory and are recollecting the home of two folks who’ve recently entered our 2008 Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest, representing Sydney, Australia in our #7 International category.
May 23, 2008
Bocci 22: The Outlet for Minimalists
I wish I had heard about these earlier. I just finished up adding all the outlets to a newly renovated basement and until now the only choices you had were the older style double round plugs or the rectangular ‘decora’ style. Both styles require a cover plate to hide the wires and holes that come with installing plugs and switches. The area of plugs is not one that is usually known for innovation but Bocci has now added a third style to the mix.
May 19, 2008
12 Uses for Baskets around the House
We love baskets. Their woven texture and light airy look says summer to us. And with their many colours, weaves and sizes, they’re versatile. Here are some ways we use them around the house.[Image via Zara Home] To catch paper waste in the bathroom or office. A natural for towels, wet or dry, in the bathroom or use them for beach towels outside. Baskets are often used to hold dirty laundry because their lattice texture keeps it from smelling rank.
May 15, 2008
How to: Pack Luggage
We’re just starting to prepare for our Friday morning flight to AT headquarters and ICFF, and that means dusting off the old luggage set and picking out what to take over yonder to the other side of the States. This time, we think we’re going to take the advice of luggage packing guru, Doug Dyment of onebag.
May 14, 2008
Look! DIY Platform Bed With Storage
David tells us his DIY platform bed project isn’t yet complete, but we think he’s done such a spectacular job with his bed/storage to this point, we wanted to go ahead and share what’s he’s completed thus far… The bed frame is a platform filled in with sheet-rock compound. “…there’s a few things left to do to the bed before it’s complete.
May 8, 2008
Good Questions: Good Dresser for a Changing Table?
A friend of ours is on the hunt for a dresser that will double as the changing table when her baby is born. I’m looking for something simple and affordable- something that will easily work as a dresser as they grow. But it has to be a comfortable height for changing. Any suggestions? Well, it’s a great idea to use a regular dresser for changing, especially if you’re limited in space. A good height would be about 36″ tall.
May 8, 2008
SF House Tour: Gehry and Lanya’s Life Meets Art
Name: Location: Size: Years Lived in: >> “The apartment is special and worth honoring,” says Lanya. Both Gehry and Lanya love to travel and have an incredible knack for creating community. Their home is the nexus of those interests and is seeped in the impact of the people they have met around the world and around the corner.
May 6, 2008
Freezing Paint Brushes
We’re in the middle of painting the entire inside of a two-bedroom house right now, and thought we would share one of our favorite painting tricks. If you’re using latex paint, brushes and rollers can be frozen overnight, saving you the arduous task of cleaning them until you’re done with the project.Simply put the brush or roller into a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer. When you’re ready to start painting again, all you have to do is take it out and let it thaw.
May 6, 2008
SF House Tour: Lynn and Leif’s Paris Hotel Home
Name: Lynn Goldfinger-Abram & Leif AbramLocation: San FranciscoSize: 1550 sq. ft.Years lived in: 10>> (Image credit: Apartment Therapy) Remember when we blogged about Paris Hotel Boutique? And we begged Lynn to let us do a house tour? Well, she graciously agreed, and here’s her beautiful home! >> AT Survey:Our style: Hollywood Glamour meets Paris Hotel with a modern twist!
May 1, 2008
Roundup: Paintable Wood IKEA Furniture
If you need a shot of color in your home, painted furniture is always an option. We rounded up a selection of solid wood furniture from IKEA that could be dressed up with a coat or two. Some of these are unfinished, and some have a clear lacquer coat that just needs some light sanding before you prime it…Top Photo: Left to Right, Top to Bottom:• Rast 3 Drawer Chest, $39.99• Mackis Magazine File, $7.99• Stranda 4 Drawer Chest, $149• Fira Mini Chest with Drawers, $12.
Apr 15, 2008
Best Of: Hampers
While most of the time, we just want to chuck our dirty clothes on the floor it’s probably a better idea to put contain the grubbies in a hamper. Here are a few hampers that tickle our fancy. LaMont Bamboo Hamper, $40 White Two Hamper Set, $59.95 Canvas Two-Drawer Hamper by Badger, $33.95 Spongebob Hamper, $14.99Blomus Laundry Bin with Black Wooden Lid, $180Sea Grass Hamper, $99 Korall Skoldpadda, $5.99Jax Organic Hamper, $68Bamboo Lattice Storage Stool, $89Which hamper do you recommend?
Apr 9, 2008
House Tour Boston: Jeanine’s Sun-Filled House
This is from our Boston finalist, Jeanine. Comment away!>> I’m going to get it from you guys, but this House Tour is of my house. Believe me, its not that I think my house is the best I can come up with, but my friend Deborah is out of town, Dorinda has to work, and Camilla says I can’t photograph her house until she does something about the kitchen.>> I’m a Somerville gal who moved to Wellesley last year.
Apr 2, 2008
Why You Should Keep Your Used Dryer Sheets
While you may have thought dryer sheets have little use beyond the laundry room, there are actually a surprising number of ways they can be used around the home. In fact, they’re phenomenal static reducers, excellent polishers, and perfect for scrubbing grime away from windshields and pans that have spent a day too long in the sink.If you use dryer sheets to keep your clothes lovely-smelling and static-free, don’t throw them away.
Apr 1, 2008
How to: Make a Toilet Roll Extension Cord Holder
We’ve got a drawer full of unruly extensions cords that we’ve been trying to unsuccessfully keep in order with rubber bands and twist ties. While looking for cable management solutions, we found a tip about using a cardboard roll for cable storage and thought we’d give it a try…The version shown on Unclutter struck us as a fine idea, but it was missing a little something-something.
Mar 14, 2008
How To: Keep Silver Tarnish-Free
We thought we’d share with you our tried-and-true method — call it the lazy person’s way — of keeping our vintage silver tarnish-free.We assume it works because the jar is air-tight — we use the silver every day, but obviously not every single piece. (We haven’t noticed scratching, but we don’t actually just toss it in there. And since all of it is vintage, and most of it is from the flea market, scratches are okay with us.
Mar 5, 2008
How To: Strip Hardware with Baking Soda
So the thing about living in a rental is that someone lived there before us. Someone lazy who did not tape off the hardware on the doors or remove it entirely before painting. We are a little frustrated by the fact that all the hardware is encrusted with paint and nothing works correctly. We go to the hardware store and we stare at the shelves and we wonder: which product will best remove the paint?
Feb 29, 2008
IKEA’s Tundra Laminated Flooring
If you want to lay down a new floor and want to go cheap, we’ve known quite a few people to reach for IKEA’s Tundra click-lock laminated flooring. At $1.19 per square foot, it beats Home Depots super popular TrafficMaster Allure Vinyl Flooring, but the jury is still out as to which is best.
Feb 20, 2008
NY House Tour: Jack Makes Micro Changes
Name: JackLocation: Times SquareSize: 140 sqft studio rentalYears lived in: 8 yearsIt was over a year and a half ago that we last had the pleasure of a peek into Jack’s micro home. Since, then, if you look very closely, you will see many changes have taken hold…Click below for slideshow & interview See All Pics at OnceTry to imagine Jack’s changes in the context of the space with which he has to work.
Feb 13, 2008
The 20 Best Household Uses for Velcro
Technically the item we’re showing up above isn’t velcro. It’s actually called 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners, a velcro-like product with Herculean fastening capabilities four times the tensile strength than normal velcro.
Feb 12, 2008
AT Europe: London House Tour – Veronika & Sebastian’s Rooftop Victorian
Name: Veronika & SebastianLocation: London, UKSize: 70m2Lived in: 6 months Austrian expats who’ve lived in London for several years, Veronika and Sebastian have always been shocked by the state of London rental apartments, with their drafty rooms and faulty plumbing. So they were thrilled when they found a top-floor flat in a 1898 building that had just been remodeled from head to toe, modernizing it without ruining its Victorian charms.
Feb 11, 2008
SF House Tour: Monique and Richard’s Apartment at a Glance
(Welcome again to Monique, one of the finalists in our San Francisco Blogger search. Comment away!) Name: Monique and RichardLocation: San Francisco (located between the Mission and Castro Districts)Size: 840 sq. ft. Years lived in: 5 months Monique and Richard moved into their first apartment together back in September.
Feb 7, 2008
Jan Jumpstart Judge: Page Marchese Norman from Martha Stewart
Photo by Christopher BakerName: Page Marchese NormanTitle: Editorial Director of Decorating, Martha Stewart OmnimediaLocation: Brooklyn Heights, NY Introducing our third January Jumpstart Judge from the former state of Blueprint, style director, Page Marchese Norman. She’ll be helping to award our six Ebay prizes to the deserving DIY-ers who braved the possible perils of home projects with us this month on AT.
Feb 5, 2008
SF House Tour: Lena Corwin’s Curated Charm
(Welcome to Leah, one of the finalists in our San Francisco Blogger search. Comment away!) Name: Lena CorwinLocation: Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New YorkSize: 1,800 sq. ft.Years lived in: Almost 3 Personal style doesn’t fall too far from the tree. We recently featured Lena Corwin’s childhood home and it left us wanting to know about this former SF girl’s current digs.Lena probably needs no introduction to most of you.
Feb 4, 2008
7 Best Small Space Shelving Solutions
We can part with our CDs, thin out our closets of clothing, stop coming home with curbside finds… but we must find more room for more books [wild eyed]. Laure’s Book in the Rafters idea and this wrap around ceiling shelving are both efficient uses of overhead space. Corners, stairways, closets and even doorways can be converted into additional storage.
Jan 31, 2008
TrafficMaster Allure Vinyl Flooring
Revisiting this ever-popular post about Home Depot’s Trafficmaster Allure vinyl flooring, we noticed a Home Depot employee left extensive additional comments and details about the product, so we thought we’d repost this with updated information for the many visitors who come to this particular post specifically for TrafficMaster Allure information.Have you ever wanted wood floors in your bathroom but thought otherwise because of concern about moisture?
Jan 30, 2008
8 Spots to Put a Dresser…
…besides the bedroom. Dressers are super-versatile pieces that provide a lot of storage, and they don’t have to be relegated to clothes-keeping. In the dining room they can store napkins and silverware, in the family room they can store DVDs, and in a hallway they can store linens. Click below for 8 spots to put a dresser.In a hallway, a dresser can store out-of-season clothes or extra linens.
Jan 30, 2008
How to: Take Care of your Danish Modern Score
So you scored that Danish Modern credenza/side table/lamp/chair off craigslist or you actually just found one on the street, so how do you keep it in good shape? Tips after the jump:If it’s an authentic piece, its likely to be made of teak, a very durable wood that is normally oiled and not lacquered. I currently am in possession of my Grandmother’s teak furniture that she kept in good shape since the 60’s when she bought it.
Jan 23, 2008
SF Mini House Tour: June Schwarcz’s Artful Sausalito Home
A few months ago the Heath Ceramics monthly newsletter had in it a slideshow of a visit that Catherine Bailey made to artist June Schwarcz’s Sausalito home. We loved its passionate, textural mix of arts and crafts, and have often thought of it since then (especially, for some reason, the collection of spoons shown here). Take a look.Read an interview with June Schwarcz here.Thanks, June and Catherine!Images: Catherine BaileyDo you have an idea for a house tour? Let us know!
Jan 15, 2008
Online Deals from the CB2 Outlet
Seems like the last thing we need to do right now is accumulate anything. But if you relish in post-holiday deals, take a look at CB2 outlet sales, including this great Merimekko cotton sheet set for $14.95-$79.95 (down from $29.95-$109). A few more items shown below (and available online only).Havana pillows, $9.95 each (reg. $24.95) Intersection print, $24.95 (reg. $99.95) Gumball paper lantern, $2.95 (reg. $6.95)More CB2 sales here.
Jan 4, 2008
How To: Dress a Platform Bed
When we made the switch from a plain old mattress and box springs to a platform bed, we started to change the way we made our bed. Before we had a duvet, and now we prefer using layers of quilts and blankets, neatly tucked and folded under the mattress to show off the bed’s clean, low-slung lines. This image (of the Hubert Modern Platform Bed at TREOmodern) shows the way that layers of bedding in the same family of colors can create a “striped” effect.
Dec 11, 2007
How To: Build Staircase Drawers
Remember these stairs? We slinked to them earlier this year after AT:LA blogged them. It turns out that they were made by an Australian company, Unicraft Joinery. We’ve been haunted by them ever since, but were somewhat dissuaded by the naysayers on Lifehacker and Unclutterer… However, we finally found some DIY instructions. Check them out here: Staircase Drawers – Canadian Home Workshop.
Dec 11, 2007
House Call: Molly Meng of 8mm ideas
Molly Meng’s stationery line, 8mm ideas, is a collection of little works of art. We especially love her whimsical handmade collages that often include vintage accents. And, when we got word that her San Francisco apartment is just as charming as her cards, of course we went knocking on her door. Below, Molly gives us a peek at her home and her studio. The ottoman is from Community Thrift, and the pink couch was a gift. A close-up of her celadon collection.
Dec 6, 2007
Bissell Little Green Machine
It’s been a tough month around our household. A series of bad health incidents was capped off last night when we discovered our cat Eames had urinated on our bed. A small, but noticeable amount of blood was at the center of the large damp spot that soaked all the way down to the mattress itself. This is often the sign of a urinary infection (we think recent overnight guests stressed his system), so now the little fella is at the vet getting tested.
Nov 28, 2007
House Tour: Jim and Kari’s Evanston Modern
Name: Jim & Kari (and Elsa & Henry) Location: Evanston, ILType: split-level ranch house, ownedSize: 2000 sq ftYears lived in: 1 After more than a year of house hunting and several months of updating and renovations, Jim and his family spread their Scandinavian style all over their 1950s split-level.
Nov 9, 2007
House Call: Diana Fayt
We continue to be impressed by her work. We already love her Etsy shop — especially those calendars that we’re sure will sell out — and now she’s giving us even more to pine for. Diana Fayt is putting together a collection for a new show at Candystore, and we want one of everything we’ve seen so far.
Nov 1, 2007
House Tour: Philip’s Indiana Jones Oasis
>> Name: Philip DixonLocation: VeniceSize: 6,000 square feetYears lived in: 20 yearsInspiration: Travel Talk about an escape! You would never think that this 6,000 square foot compound was right in the middle of the crowded streets of Venice Beach. Inspired by his trips around the world shooting fashion spreads, Philip Dixon created this Moroccan retreat almost 20 years ago.
Aug 30, 2007
Jig-A-Loo Lube In The Test Lab
Product: Jig-A-Loo All Around LubricantPrice: $14 Rating: Recommend*(This is from our guest tester, Jenny G., who won a bottle of Jig-A-Loo in this post. Thanks, Jenny!)Short version:The incredible squeak of the front door still exists, but we still really like this can of Jig-A-Loo. Long version:The first test was, of course, the squeaky front door hinges. The squeak won’t stop–apparently, as one of the original commentators said, we need to get inside the hinge to stop this squeak.
Aug 21, 2007
West Elm Bummer: Post Coital Beds Breaking All Over Town
This consumer reports rant is from the lovely, Gari. It is too good not to post: “WEST ELM———you’ve been there. We’ve all been there….walking around in DUMBO trying to find the place …….anxiously waiting for the Chelsea store to open. Well, I’d like to give you fellow West Elmer’s a heads-up on some lame furniture construction and even lamer customer service. I purchased their wood frame bed in August of ’04.
Jun 10, 2007
Top Five: Sources for Cool Indoor/Outdoor Rugs
Ever since the outdoor room concept became a phenomenon big enough to spawn countless backyard makeover segments on HGTV, the market for these rugs has exploded. Indoor/outdoor rugs are generally woven from water and stain-resistant plastics and can be cleaned with a hose-down. They’re also increasingly made to be soft underfoot and the designs are attractive enough to be used outdoors — or in — without apology.
Jun 5, 2007