Are Bathrooms the New Living Room?

Are Bathrooms the New Living Room?

Gregory Han
Aug 10, 2007

It may seem like I am obsessed with bathroom decor (and I am), but I'm going to go out on a limb and ask: What's up with armchairs in bathrooms (and I'm not referring to dressing rooms, I'm talking about where we perform our personal exit strategies, hygiene maintenance, etc)? I brought it up to my mum who is an interior decorator, and we ended up discussing it for a good 2 hours. For example, she said, "Well, some people enjoy talking to other people while they're in the tub."

And I said, "But what happens when they run out of things to say? Is the person sitting in the armchair going to sit and thumb through an old magazine? And wouldn't it get a bit steamy in there from the hot water? And wouldn't the moisture affect the wood and the fabric of the chair?" It finally got to the point where my mum gave me a look that I haven't seen since I was in my inquisitive tweens (the one that says: "Shut up and eat your peas.")

Photo courtesy of LivingEtc.


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