Are Cell Phones the 21st Century Vice?

Are Cell Phones the 21st Century Vice?

Gregory Han
Aug 22, 2011

Here's an interesting take on the prevalence of cell phones in modern American society as proposed by GOOD: cell phones as the ">modern day health risk equivalent of cigarettes of generation past:

Possible biological effects from wireless communication were found in 67 percent of studies without funding from the cell phone industry (28 percent from studies with industry funding), which Henry Lai, a research professor at the University of Washington, says is not trivial.

As noted by the Andrology Journal this month:

"...the literature suggests that mobile phone alters sperm parameters both in the experimental animal and in humans. Sperm motility and morphology seem the two parameters more frequently affected. There are evidence that mobile phone radiation results in an increased oxidative stress with consequent sperm membrane lipid and DNA damage. These abnormalities seem to be directly related with the length of mobile phone used. Nevertheless, more studies are necessary to provide stronger evidences that cellular phone use disturb sperm and testicular function since the existing literature has several limitation. These include dishomogeneity in terms of RF wavelength used, depth of penetration, and length of radiation exposure."

With this recently announced study connecting cell phone use possibly with lower sperm count (alongside a similar personal chapter noting the same finding in Tim Ferriss' 4 Hour Body, a "body hacking" guide which we've been following the last month), it seems it might be fair to say cell phones aren't completely as safe as the industry would like you to believe, nor are they likely the death-time bombs the press would like you fear either.

Like most things tech or health related, moderation is the key, and it's likely most everyday, casual users won't be affected, while hardcore mobile users might want to keep their cells off, slap on an anti-radiation case/cover (reviewing some of the anti-EMF products out there, the category itself seems shady at best), and stow away their phones inside a carrying case instead of right next to their "boys"...better safe than sorry.

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