Are Children Hoarders Or Collectors?

Are Children Hoarders Or Collectors?

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 7, 2011

Children have a natural habit of dragging home the world. My mother once said that if I could have put the entire backyard in my pockets I would have, but did my curiosity for discovering new things around me make me a hoarder or a collector? There was a fascinating article in the LA Times this past week about children and their natural fascination with stuff and things. It talked about how kids collect things when they're younger not because they hoard, but because they can.

One suggestion we found interesting was from two parent interior designers who aim to create minimalist styles with clean and modern lines. Instead of telling their daughter she can't have something because it doesn't go with their vision for the room, instead they give her three pieces of box luggage. In one she can keep her dress up clothes, another holds her collection of blankets and the last is for her to keep whatever she wishes. The catch being it all has to fit inside which works out well for them in their 1,000sqft LA home and keeps things clutter free and edited down.

Head over to the LA Times and give the article a read, there are many great suggestions from thinning down stuffed animals (and giving them another home by donating instead of throwing them in the trash) and learning how to relate to children that just collect more than you're comfortable with.

Do your kids collect more than you'd like? Did you collect like crazy when you were younger? Let us know in the comments below!

(via: LA Times Image: Flickr member Wolfiewolf licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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