Do You Want Touchscreen Displays On Your Appliances?

Do You Want Touchscreen Displays On Your Appliances?

Range Govindan
Jan 19, 2011

People seem to love colors touchscreen displays, which is why they are starting to pop up in the kitchen. Do you think that having a touchscreen on your oven or washer is really necessary? Sure, they can be fun to visualize data, but it seems like manufacturers are putting touchscreens everywhere.

Gregory reported from CES 2011 that touchscreens seemed to be here to stay on appliances. Most of the higher end appliances will have some kind of fancy display, to set themselves further apart from other appliances. However, while touchscreens are nice, we think that it would probably be smarter to ensure that these appliances are more energy efficient than before.

The perfect solution to these touchscreens would entail a few different things, including smartphone apps to utilize those proper touchscreens, as well as energy monitoring usage, which could be performed on a computer. If these are combined, they'll make nice-looking displays on appliances irrelevant.

The app phenomenon isn't new and we're sure that in 2011, we'll be seeing a few apps from appliance manufacturers for your computers, tablets, and smartphones. The fact of the matter remains that appliances screens are used so seldom that it doesn't make much sense having fancy displays and resolution. What would make more sense is smart appliances with built-in energy monitoring features, which can become part of a low-cost home automation system run from a desktop computer.

(Image via Gorenje)

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