Are Our House Tours Better Than Sex?

Are Our House Tours Better Than Sex?

Regina Yunghans
Feb 18, 2014
(Image credit: Rebecca Proctor)

The experience of viewing our house tours is a little like stepping into the home of a (very stylish) stranger. To be afforded a glimpse into a stranger's home is intriguing to most, yet I was still taken by just how exciting it can be, as expressed by a guest on a recent airing of This American Life:

The Valentine's-Day-themed edition of the public radio show This American Life this year was a compilation of segments from the past. One, entitled Best Laid Plans, features comedian Kurt Braunohler and the story of his relationship with a longtime girlfriend. In their early thirties, the couple decided to embark on a temporary break, where they were open to sleeping with other people, before attempting marriage. Having been together since their late teens, this was a new experience for both of them. During that period of freedom one of the things he loved the most, Kurt says, was the experience of getting to see so many near-strangers' apartments. From his interview with This American Life host Ira Glass:

Ira Glass: Kurt says that one of the most amazing things to him that was kind of a revelation during that time was something — I've never actually heard anybody talk about it aloud, but I totally related to this — was how quickly he would find himself in the home of a complete stranger.

Kurt Braunohler: Yeah, I had never gotten to see other people's apartments so much. That's what I kind of was fascinated by, getting to see all these different people's apartments and seeing how everyone lives. And I loved that. I loved that part of it so much.

I was like, look at this. Like I'm seeing, this is all your stuff. This is the stuff you keep on your bedside table.

I chuckled as I listened to the show, entertained by the fact that Braunohler expressed such fascination with seeing his exploits' apartments before mentioning anything about the sexual experience itself. So, I had to pose the question: Is stepping into a stranger's home better than sex?

Of course I ask this jokingly, but in all seriousness, don't you love taking in the details of a new acquaintance's home on a first visit? Tell us about your experiences of being in strangers' or near-strangers' homes and how it is for you!

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