Are Retail Solutions To Childproofing Overkill?

Are Retail Solutions To Childproofing Overkill?

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 21, 2010

In the modern retail world, anything that can be childproofed, has been. Some of it brought about by cautious parents and others by companies looking to prey upon first time parents who think every nook, cranny, doorway and pointy surface in their home needs protecting. Even though our house had some childproofing growing up, we still found a way to cause a stir and create chaos, it's just what kids do. Hear our tale and share your thoughts on the issue, after the jump.

The first measure of childproofing a home is good parenting. Sure you have laundry to do, bills to pay and jobs to attend, but that doesn't mean that baby proofing your home from top to bottom in every way possible is a replacement for keeping a watchful eye on your little ones.

Even if you purchases catches, latches, guards and bumpers for all the surfaces you can think of in your home, your kids will still find a way to create mischief. When I was younger, my mother left me outside with a gardening hose watering flowers. She ran inside to catch a phone call and when she came back out, I had decided to water the house... because as we all know, houses get quite thirsty. Now, I didn't simply spray the water on the house, oh no! Instead, I shoved the hose up the dryer vent (we'll take this time to note that the dryer was in fact running) and continued to water it. After a call to my father, turning off the power to the house and an hour or two of using a shop vac to remove all the water I flooded the basement with, all was well.

This isn't to say that children shouldn't be trusted in the backyard alone, it's simply to illustrate the fact that kids are curious and think differently than adults. I learned that I had made a poor choice by parents who relatively kept their cool and taught me that it was wrong. Even when you baby proof all the things you can think of, they'll still find another limit to test. It might be a hot stove or pinching your finger in a door, but either way you learn.

Are you a tough love type person who grew up with minimal baby proofing, or would you rather be safe than sorry and are willing to go to any extreme to protect your child? Share your thoughts on the issue below!

(Image: Flickr member moppet65535 licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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